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September 30, 2019

Choosing A Good Place to Stream Hi-Res Audio Online

As technology continues to evolve, more and more music lovers are switching from locally based music channels and audio download apps to online streaming services. There is a good reason for this change. The idea of accessing millions of songs without having to worry about space or downloading time is just magic. To add onto […]

September 27, 2019

Stay Protected Online with the Best Password Manager of 2019

It’s a reality that the login credentials of the majority are duplicated on various websites. Why is it so? How can one come up with more than 5 different strong passwords for different websites and still remember each of them correctly? With that question in consideration, most individuals resort to using one strong password across […]

September 26, 2019

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Prevent Cyberattacks: Cybersecurity Measures

Have you ever wondered why most of the cyberattacks (regardless of severity and duration) affect small entities more than the big brands? For starters, with over 70TB of online traffic occurring per second, the internet platform has come to play a pivotal role in our modern-day lifestyle. Unlike before where new businesses would first get […]

September 25, 2019

Digital TV Entertainment – Should You Download or Stream?

The media industry has changed significantly over the last decade. The use of cable TV services has drastically declined, therefore contributing to the rise of streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, and Twitch, to mention a few. With most households choosing to have fibre in their homes for internet access, […]

September 24, 2019

Top Cloud Storage Services in 2019: Which One to Choose?

Choices all the time. Choices everywhere. All your life, every day, you’re most probably faced with more choices than you can count. The choice between going to work or spending the day in bed is something that no longer feels like one. It’s now a routine. Most choices are actually the ‘manual of life.’ They […]

September 23, 2019

A Guide to Sharing Large Files for Free

We all know how expensive – and therefore frustrating – sending large files can be. For the most part, it means paying more due to the extra size. For that reason and others, most of us tend to try and trim or alter the size of our files before sending them, which often results in […]

September 20, 2019

Converting VHS Tapes to Digital Files

For years, all home videos needed was an excellent handheld camera, and then they were saved on VHS tapes. And remember all those exciting TV shows that were recorded on cassettes as well? Those were the days…However, to say that using a VCR (video cassette recorder) to be able to read your VHS content is […]

September 19, 2019

Use WhatsApp Web on Your PC: The Ultimate Guide

WhatsApp is one of those apps that have significantly improved the way we communicate. Initially, this app was designed to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. But as the developers continued working on it, they released a version that is also compatible with PCs. That version is what we have come to know and love […]

September 18, 2019

Four Free Tools to Use When Sharing Videos

Whether you love free tools or not, one thing remains a fact, they make life easier. The file sharing experience in particular. Imagine not being able to quickly share a video you’re viewing on Instagram or Facebook. That would be like going back to the days of DVDs and recording on tapes. But we’re no […]

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