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November 26, 2021

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows and macOS

A screenshot is a digital image of your screen. There are lots of scenarios when you might need to take a screenshot. A screenshot lets you share exactly what you are seeing on your screen and comes in really handy when you want to troubleshoot a problem, save information, get a lighter version of a […]

November 11, 2021

How to Make Your iPhone Louder

iPhones generally have pretty good sound. However, occasionally, when you are listening to music, watching a video or having a chat with someone, turning your volume to the max may not prove enough. This is especially true if you are in a noisy environment with lots of background noise and your phone’s default max volume […]

November 9, 2021

What Is CRM, and How to Choose the Best CRM Software in 2021?

CRM stands for customer relationship management, and CRM software is pretty much a must for any company involved in sales activities, especially when it comes to high sales volumes. In this article, we are looking into how CRM can improve a sales workflow and what CRM programs may be the best choice in 2021. Why […]

November 3, 2021

Google Chrome’s Dark Mode for Windows 11

If you are a lucky user of the new Windows 11, you may have noticed quite a few changes to the new OS. One of such changes affected the system’s dark mode feature. In this post, we are looking into the dark mode feature on Windows and the latest upgrades it has received in Windows […]

October 22, 2021

The Top 5 Password Recovery Tools in 2021

Digital security is one of the most important considerations of today. And while software and device makers like Apple, Microsoft and others are doing everything within their power to keep your files and personal data safe, the extra safety precautions do come at a cost. And losing the access password to your device, cloud, file […]

May 28, 2021

How to Stop Saving Documents to OneDrive by Default

OneDrive is one of the most popular file storage and sharing tools on the web. It comes integrated with Windows 10, which makes it a very convenient option for anyone working on a Windows PC. To use OneDrive on a Windows PC, all you need to do is go to the OneDrive folder in File […]

May 19, 2021

How to Fix the Google Drive Error “You Don’t Have Authorization”

Sometimes, when trying to preview a certain page in Google Chrome, you may run into an error message that will tell you that you don’t have authorization to view it. This error is usually labeled as the http error 403. There may be several reasons why you are seeing this error message. It may be […]

May 5, 2021

How to Fix Google Drive Uploads That Are Slow or Not Working at All

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services on the web. It comes with lots of functionality and handy features and is widely used by both individuals and enterprises. While Google Drive is definitely one of the most reliable cloud services around, it is still not without faults. And, occasionally, you may […]

April 22, 2021

How to Record Audio From a YouTube Video

So, you are watching a YouTube video and you hear a really nice tune playing in the background. You try to listen closely and then go on to search the web to find this song so you can download it. However, you may end up facing the cold harsh reality of the web: this song […]