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December 4, 2019

The Best Ways to Share Files Between a Mac and a Windows PC

Not everyone is comfortable using one operating system. While you may be an expert in using Windows, there are times you might need to make use of macOS. For this reason, it becomes necessary to find an effective means of transferring files between a Mac and a Windows PC.  There are several methods that can […]

November 22, 2019

7 Best Fast & Free Apps for Large File Sharing Online

Nowadays, most of the work is done online. People use various devices to work on the document due to a lot of moving. One can start a project on their PC at the office, review it on their way home using a smartphone and then send to a colleague when they get on their laptop […]

October 2, 2019

Top Ten Cool Tricks for Android Users

Here is a quick helpful tip for you before you indulge in the new Android features. So, it turns out that you don’t always need a paid-for cloud platform to seamlessly share your large files online. Introducing the cool environment known as FileWhopper: you can easily use the platform to share music, documents, movies and […]

September 30, 2019

Choosing A Good Place to Stream Hi-Res Audio Online

As technology continues to evolve, more and more music lovers are switching from locally based music channels and audio download apps to online streaming services. There is a good reason for this change. The idea of accessing millions of songs without having to worry about space or downloading time is just magic. To add onto […]

September 23, 2019

A Guide to Sharing Large Files for Free

We all know how expensive – and therefore frustrating – sending large files can be. For the most part, it means paying more due to the extra size. For that reason and others, most of us tend to try and trim or alter the size of our files before sending them, which often results in […]

September 16, 2019

Save Vimeo Videos on Your Computer

Gone are the days of using your VCR to record videos that you loved. If anything, the VCR is a recorder that’s long been retired and very few people still own one. We’ve all moved on with the digital age and are at a point where we love and appreciate streaming, which doesn’t require taping. […]

August 20, 2019

5 Smart Ways to Send Large Files Over Email

Your smartphone is no longer as simple as it used to be back in the day. You snap a series of photographs and boom – ‘you are out of memory.’ Each picture used to be less than a megabyte but now, with all the embedded information including specs, exposure, and other data, one picture easily […]

August 19, 2019

How to Record and Share Gameplay on The PlayStation 4

Your PlayStation has come from afar and now boasts of having some of the best features a gamer could ever need. One of these is the ability to record and share gameplay from your console. The ability to save and share playthroughs and gameplay moments is the highlight of a gaming experience. Most successful gamers […]

August 8, 2019

Best Software for Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Small files can easily be shared via email. However, the same cannot be said for big files, especially if you would like to share anything that weighs more than 1 GB. Just like every challenge around technology, there are already excellent solutions for such a challenge. Ever heard of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing? Before you go […]