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December 10, 2019

Best To-Do List Apps for Managing Tasks on Any Platform

Each day begins with a to-do list waiting for you. Naturally, some of the tasks on the list are more exciting than others. However, despite the level of interest that you might have in them, they all need to be completed. Keeping track of your daily to-do list is an intense task, and as a […]

December 9, 2019

How to Protect Your Emails on Gmail

Gmail is the most used email client thanks to its integration with most of its sister Google products. In 2016, Gmail passed the 1-billion user mark, a feat that cannot be claimed by any other email provider. The second most used provider is Outlook, which has over 400 million users. With such a huge clientele […]

December 6, 2019

Taking Care of Your Laptop’s Battery and Extending Its Life: A How-To Guide

When in good condition, a laptop’s battery is expected to last for quite a long time. It all depends on the user’s level of care. Taking care of your laptop is the best way of making doubly sure that you get your money’s worth and more in the long run. Read on to learn how […]

December 4, 2019

The Best Ways to Share Files Between a Mac and a Windows PC

Not everyone is comfortable using one operating system. While you may be an expert in using Windows, there are times you might need to make use of macOS. For this reason, it becomes necessary to find an effective means of transferring files between a Mac and a Windows PC.  There are several methods that can […]

November 29, 2019

Solving Piracy with Cryptocurrency-Based File Sharing

Online file sharing has gained tremendous popularity mainly due to its convenience. Unfortunately, sharing content online is mostly associated with piracy. Some industries have faced dire situations and irreparable damage due to piracy, and some companies have literally gone bankrupt. Piracy is a serious crime that is regularly committed or has been committed at least […]

November 26, 2019

How to Make Your PC Work Faster

There is nothing more annoying than a slow PC. It gives you anxiety and decreases your productivity. A PC, just like a house, can easily compile clutter if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. Most people who do not have a tech background will think that a slow PC means it is aging […]

November 20, 2019

Best Ways to Transfer Data Between Android and PC

The transferring of files between devices has become a necessity. Working on your PC is not as convenient as using a mobile device such as your smartphone, especially when travelling. Due to this reason, it has become a common practice for people to work on multiple devices depending on the activities of the day. Let’s […]

November 19, 2019

The Chatbot Trends You Need to Know About

First of all, what are chatbots?    Initially, chatbots were developed as computer programs able to communicate with people via the messaging interface.    Following many advancements and improvements in the technology behind them, chatbots’ popularity has spiked since 2016.    Machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) have provided chatbots with an extra layer of intelligence […]

November 18, 2019

20 Of the Most Stimulating Books to Read in 2019

They say one is only as good as they are ‘read’. But how true does this statement go? So far, it’s been proven beyond reasonable doubt that it makes sense and resonates with a lot of people. How so? Easy! The more one reads, the better they are able to handle different situations in life. […]