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Download Large Video Files With the Best Torrent Clients

By Hanna Welch | April 23, 2019 |

greater than 4 minutes

If you need to download a torrent, you should install a torrent downloader. This is a special piece of software that will download movies or music you are looking for. The best torrent clients available today are listed below in this article. Go through the listing to find out each torrent client’s unique features and choose the best one to meet your requirements.


  • No need to set up on your PC;
  • Easy-to-understand pricing terms and conditions.


  • Restrictions on the file storage time and quantity of downloads. is a great service from a provider headquartered in the Czech Republic.

This torrent client is cloud-based and does not need to be installed on your PC. All you need to do is log into your online account, after which torrents will be downloaded to the clients’ own servers. As soon as you send large files to them, you will need to log in and download the ready files on your PC.

The free account comes with 1GB of storage, but you can purchase a subscription to expand the storage and speed up file transfers.

Bitport provides outstanding service, and with all the risks it might incur, a monthly subscription price of $5, $10, or $15 is quite acceptable and makes great value for money.

One of the ways to download large files is via using torrent clients.



  • Multiplatform;
  • No annoying ads;
  • Rich set of features.


  • Outdated interface design

If you want a trustworthy and speedy torrent tool tailored by the creator of the WinMiX OpenNap software program, then Tixati is just the thing.

Showing a progressive architecture, Tixati shifts towards trackerless torrent support, which means magnet links, PEX, and DHT streaming serve very well in Tixati.

The wide range of premium features and adjustments available addresses choosy P2P users; moreover, the download speeds can compete with those of Vuze and uTorrent.

You will note the high level of proficiency in the bitfield graphs and executive dashboard display. This torrent tool definitely deserves to be among the best nowadays.



  • Open-source;
  • Omni-platform;
  • User-friendly and easy to use.


  • Limited list of features.

Transmission is a serious torrent client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This open-source torrent downloader is created for fast and efficient operation and can be considered the best way to send large files with no unnecessarily chaotic outline or low-quality tweaks involved. For this reason, Transmission is the preset torrent client delivered with Ubuntu and many other Linux distribution repositories.

Transmission can be installed on any computer and will be ready for immediate use; what is more, unlike many other freeware clients, it has an intuitive interface and no restrictions.

Deluge Torrent Software


  • Open-source;
  • Operates on multiple platforms;
  • Easy to use and fast;
  • Wonderful client/server choice.


  • Outline can be complicated.

Deluge is one more fantastic open-source torrent program for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This client uses minimal CPU and memory on your PC, and it allows selective and scheduled downloading and prioritization, which makes it priceless for thoughtful P2P users.

Its exceptional client/server configuration allows you to build up a purposeful “torrent server”, which can be as small as a Raspberry Pi, on one machine and connect to it from another PC. New and unprecedented opportunities are uncovered through this flexibility.

Deluge is provided in most Linux distribution archives.



  • Wide variety of features;
  • Speedy and slender.


  • Mostly concentrated around Windows PC.

uTorrent is probably one of the most popular micro torrents out there. It has a rich set of functions and does not take up much hard disk space. It is clearly tailored for speedy large file transfer.

Several editions of uTorrent are offered: the free and pro versions of the classic client. The free version has ads, which is quite tolerable. The pro version has a built-in virus scanner and several additional features. uTorrent Web is the latest edition that lets you stream and view videos from your torrents during their download. The Linux edition has not been updated for a long time.

BitTorrent client to download large files on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android; written on C++; lightweight yet speedy and feature-rich.



  • Open-source;
  • Works on multiple platforms;
  • Integrated search;
  • Cutting-edge safety functionalities.


  • Some options require improvement.

Tribler is one of a kind. It combines a torrent client and an integrated search engine to look for torrents on the Internet.

The more people use Tribler, the more they search for other torrent sites, keeping them alive thanks to this search traffic. All in all, Tribler promotes growth and sustainability of the torrent ecosystem.



  • No installation needed;
  • Ability to utilize your own cloud storage.


  • You will lose your downloads unless you prolong your subscription.

Boxopus, similar to, is based on cloud storage for torrent downloads.

The great thing is, your Google Drive and Box accounts can be used to store your torrents. The cost of Boxopus subscription plans is as follows: $1.5 per week, $14.50 per month and $50 per year. If you plan to use your weekly subscription to the maximum, this price may seem very acceptable.



  • Feature-rich;
  • Powerful.


  • Shows ads;
  • “Plus” features require yearly subscription.

You can give it the hook or the ovation: Vuze is heavy software with a ton of features, most of which will never be in use. This software supports any type of media: for example, you can use it to play music or watch HD videos. Also Vuze can be used to play media on PSP, Xbox, and iPhone. Vuze has a trial version so that you can make up your mind whether this software meets your torrent downloading and media playing needs.

How to send large files over the Internet as effectively as possible is an important question. With the above tools mentioned for your consideration, you can choose the torrent client that best fits your requirements. However, you may need to transfer large files just once or occasionally. For this particular purpose, you can use tips from our selection. File delivery services have become very popular with file sizes getting bigger. One of the highly recommended ways to send large files is by using FileWhopper. With it, you can be sure that file transfer is secure and encrypted; moreover, file delivery can be tracked from your profile. You don’t have to install the software on your PC, and there are no file size limits. With FileWhopper, you can transfer files or folders of up to 1TB in size, while most other file transfer services have the 10 GB file size limit. Since FileWhopper can be considered as the best alternative to external HDDs and YouTube, it’s obviously worth a try.

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