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August 25, 2021

How Much Is Adobe Photoshop in 2021?

Adobe Photoshop is the world’s most popular photo editing software. In fact, the program has been downloaded over 449 million times. With Adobe Photoshop, you get to edit photos, create digital art and animations, work with graphic design, and more. In short, the software offers lots of tools for bringing creative ideas to life. If […]

August 23, 2021

How to Speed Up Your PC with More RAM – A Quick Tutorial

PCs, just like phones, fall behind as time goes. You definitely have a bunch of software that you like to use on your PC. Whether you are a gamer, programmer, designer or another specialist, you want your PC to be super-fast and responsive. You may wonder why your PC is now slow compared to when […]

August 20, 2021

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms

With the number of remote teams being on the rise, it’s no wonder that video calling apps are becoming more popular. This is because we need to keep the ball rolling despite the pandemic and effective communication is important in achieving this goal. In addition, we love to see each other’s faces, don’t we? The […]

August 18, 2021

Top 7 Free Animation Tools in 2021

The days when you had to pay top dollar for good animation software are long gone. Today, thanks to the variety of open-source communities, you can find great animation programs for both 2D and 3D projects online. What’s more, a lot of them are free. Are you new to animation or are you an experienced […]

August 16, 2021

How to Lock a Folder with a Password in Windows 10

Are you concerned about the security of sensitive files on your Windows 10 computer? If yes, you may want to consider placing them in a password-protected folder. This way, you can keep prying eyes from gaining access to them. Don’t worry – you won’t require any third-party software tool to create such a folder. Note […]

August 13, 2021

An External Hard Drive Buying Guide

PCs have internal hard drives that contain the operating system, other software, and different kinds of files. However, if you want to ferry data from one PC to another, do you have to physically move internal disks? Fortunately, you don’t. This is where external hard drives come in handy. If you want to store bulk […]

August 11, 2021

TOP 6 Adobe After Effects Alternatives: Free and Paid

Adobe After Effects video editing app is special software that allows users to execute professional digital motion editing and compositing. When it comes to making engaging and fantastic motion graphics, Adobe After Effects takes the crown. With impressive features such as data-driven animation, immersive virtual reality effects, VR comp editor, and VR rotate sphere, it […]

August 9, 2021

How to Prevent Your Zoom Status From Being Set to “Away”

Your Zoom status can be used to see whether you are available to attend meetings or respond to messages. When a user is signed in to Zoom, he or she can set their presence status to “Available”, “Away” or “Do Not Disturb”. This lets others know what you’re doing and whether you’re free, busy, offline, […]

August 6, 2021

How to Set Up Real-Debrid on Kodi

If you want to access all of the quality content available on Kodi, you have to set up Kodi and configure some of the best Kodi add-ons. There are numerous aggregator add-ons supported on the Kodi platform that let you access multiple streaming links for different videos. While most of these Kodi add-ons are free, […]