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August 14, 2020

How to Back Up Your Data Using Google’s Backup and Sync Tool

Backing up your important files is necessary for protecting you from unprecedented and unfavorable circumstances, such as a sudden system crash, cyber theft, malware invasion, and so on. In the past, most people resorted to storing their important files across different devices for safekeeping. Nowadays, using cloud backups is a better means of storing your […]

March 30, 2020

How to Copy Several DVDs to a Hard Drive?

Before switching over to HDDs, DVDs were the most ideal method to back up your data. Unlike CDs that provided a mere 700 MB of storage, DVDs offered a whopping 4.7 GB, which made them the most economical method to back up your data in those days. However, gone are the days, and with technology […]

December 29, 2019

Ways to Use External Hard Drive as RAM

Ways to Use an External Hard Drive as RAM  There are two types of computer memory, namely physical and virtual memory. The RAM chips attached to your motherboard represent the physical memory, whereas the virtual memory comes from the reserved space within your hard drive. When a program is not in use but open, the […]

December 26, 2019

Can You Recover Data from a Formatted Hard Drive?

They say that nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. We have had a lot of theories about recovering lost data, and most of those fail to deliver as promised. As an average computer user, you know that formatting is the ultimate way of ridding your PC of any information stored on your hard […]

December 11, 2019

Windows Files & Folders You Should Delete to Free Up Disk Space

With more and more computer users migrating from hard disk drives (HDDs) to solid-state drives (SSDs), which offer better performance and new technological features, disk space is now an issue. SSDs deliver better performance and transfer data six times faster than HDDs, and they are also more reliable as they use flash memory, which means […]

September 10, 2019

How to Choose a New Hard Drive

Do you want to know what hard drive to buy for a PC? The best and most probably only way of selecting your new hard drive is checking storage capacity. First of all, check how much space the new hard drive provides for the storage of your new stuff. Is this going to be more […]

September 6, 2019

Best Ways to Make Your Hard Drive Faster

A faster drive is a dream come true for anyone looking to enjoy more productivity and a faster and better-performing computer. One of the best ways that can be used to easily achieve a faster PC is defragging the drive. Read on to discover the best tricks, tips and tools that will help you defrag […]

September 5, 2019

How to Clean a Computer’s Hard Drive

One thing that everyone tends to overlook but needs to learn is how to clean up after themselves. The same goes for their computers. If you’re used to your computer, learning how to clean its hard drive is just like any other process. Nothing major. To have a fast and super-responsive system, you must always […]

January 11, 2019

Encrypting Files for Secure Large File Transfer

What is data encryption? It means that your data gets scrambled to the point that nobody can use it unless they enter a password to be able to read it. This way no one can steal your personal information, and your files can safely make their way to the intended recipient. Files can be decrypted […]

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