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Top Online Timers for Remote Workers

By Hanna Welch | March 26, 2020 |

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Here are some of the best productivity timers for remote workers to make things easier for you and your employees.

Have you noticed lately that you keep on ‘losing’ your remote workers’ timesheets in your inbox? When you ask them where their timesheets are, you always get a response similar to this:

“I believe I’ve already sent it to you. Let me resend it at the end of the day.”

Well, if this keeps on happening, you might just have to accept this fact:

Your remote workers hate tracking their time.

You can’t blame them. Filling out timesheets is challenging and time-consuming. It’s not because you and your freelancers are not in the same boat in terms of your productivity goals. It’s simply because you’ve chosen the wrong method for monitoring their output. If you’re still using the antiquated way of time tracking, then it’s time to make things easier for your employees and yourself. Here are some of the best productivity timers for remote workers:


What’s great about Traqq is it was designed by freelancers for freelancers. Its developers understood what most time trackers lack. Thus, they have made the perfect tool for themselves and other remote workers. Traqq has a user-friendly interface that features an automated stopwatch. It has a productivity timer that shows activity levels per project. With the immensely simplified tracking process, Traqq makes billing easy and fair.

Among the most common concerns about online timers is that they may spy on employees. Well, that is not a concern when you use Traqq. All the screenshots that the tool collects will be blurred and compressed to prevent personal and sensitive information from becoming visible. What’s more, employees have the freedom to delete any of the screenshots and recorded time.

The cherry on the cake is that you can get the tool with all its features for free. There are no limited features and no trial period – just a completely free task timer.


Toggl is a work timer with a cloud-based storage system. So, if you are a manager who travels a lot or uses different devices, you can log in and view all the timesheets and charts. Aside from that, Toggl has a reporting feature that lets managers quickly analyze their data. This tool allows you to track your remote workers’ billable hours, break times, productivity, and more. You can organize your data by project, client, workspace, and team member, among others.

Tomato Timer

Do you have habitual procrastinators in your team? If they say that they can only work efficiently when pressed for time, that’s nonsense! You know their true potential, and you believe that they can do a better job when they manage their tasks reasonably. Well, the perfect work timer in this situation is Tomato Timer, which allows your employees to break up their entire day into 25-minute work chunks.

Whenever they complete a 25-minute chunk, they can take a five-minute break and do whatever they want. After the break is up, they can repeat the cycle. Your remote workers do not have to constantly look at the app because they will receive alerts whenever the 25-minute productivity chunk or five-minute break is up.

Online Stopwatch

Some people who need to use a timer online only want the countdown functionality. If you only want to monitor your team occasionally, you can use a colorful online stopwatch. It makes tracking simple and easy with features that are accessible using mouse clicks. With timed tasks, you can keep your remote workers from wasting mental energy on unnecessary tasks.

Let’s say you want your employee to focus on answering emails for a couple of minutes. You can ask them to use the online stopwatch and help them stay on task and avoid jumping from one project to another. If they know that they only have a limited amount of time to spend on a particular task, they will prioritize its important aspects. Of course, they can move on to the next project with a smile on their face, knowing that they’ve done enough for the last one.


If you want to help your remote team track their open-ended tasks and manage their routine duties, you can use Timer-Tab. It has a simple click-and-type interface that allows you to set alarms and timers down to the second. It is perfect for employees who need to juggle different types of tasks.

Forcing your remote workers to fill out timesheets is a waste of time, energy, and resources. There are plenty of tools out there that will make task monitoring a lot easier. Your freelancers won’t even have to worry about their privacy because time trackers like Traqq have features that prevent data leaks. At the end of the day, understanding your employees’ side will make the process more efficient and reasonable for everyone.

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