About us

What is FileWhopper?

FileWhopper is a project by a well-established Australian software company. Created by a team of passionate IT professionals, it was designed to solve one of the biggest problems people face when trying to send files over the web: the notorious FILE TOO LARGE issue.

In plain words, FileWhopper helps when you need to send a very big file to someone, and no other service lets you do it without having to buy a monthly storage plan.

With FileWhopper, you can transfer any file or folder of any size by paying a one-time fee that depends on the file size.

50 000
unique users
1 000TB
total data transferred
100 000
transfer passed

How FileWhopper started

We’ve all had this problem come up and prevent us from doing the things we have planned. Having to purchase a large chunk of cloud storage space just to transfer one really big file didn’t seem very smart.

At some point, an idea was born to play supermen and save the world from having to spend hours trying to send a movie to a friend or a bunch of baby photos to Grandma. This is how FileWhopper started.

Our mission

To make sending large files over the Internet a piece-of-cake type of task.

Our core values are service reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. We value your time and work to ensure quick file transfers with no data loss. It is our goal to make you want to share your experience with your friends and family, and to come back to us whenever you need a large file sent online.