Send the biggest files online without subscription
Pay only for the size you need.
Why FileWhopper Business?
Transfer safety
We use zero-knowledge encryption to transfer files. It ensures that you have exclusive access to the password and the download link.
No subscription
Our plans don’t contain subscription. You buy only a certain amount of GB and transfer as many files as you need, within the selected limit.
Time saved
FileWhopper’s tiny app lets you download the data while it is still uploading. You can transfer a few files simultaneously.
How it works
Choose a transfer package
Choose a transfer package that works best for you
Choose a transfer package
Purchase the selected package
Unless you already have one, a FileWhopper Business account will be automatically created for you when you place your order
Purchase the selected package
Download and run a desktop app:
it will help you send files safely and quickly
Download and run a desktop app:
Choose the file/folder you want to send
Set a password to secure your transfer.
Choose the file/folder you want to send
Start your upload and send the link and password to your recipient, so they can immediately start downloading
Start your upload and send the link and password to your recipient, so they can immediately start downloading
That’s it!
Now you can just run the app and start a new upload whenever you need to send another file or folder
That’s it!
Choose package size and start sending files
Basic size to start with
Most popular option
Big teams or heavy files
All plans include:
  • Simultaneous upload and download of the same files: reduce transfer time
  • Zero-knowledge encryption: only you and recipient have access to your data
  • Unlimited free users: share your FileWhopper account with co-workers
  • No subscriptions: don’t pay for time, pay for the data you send
*14 days of file storage on the server: you can always purchase 14 additional days
*1 default file download: you can always purchase 5 additional downloads
If you’d like to prepay for an even bigger data package, or would like to be invoiced, we’ll be happy to discuss it. Just contact us here.
What is a transfer package?

A transfer package is a specific amount of data you prepay. You can then send files or folders up to that amount, and your package gets reduced by the amount of data you send.

You purchase a 500GB transfer package. Then you send a 45GB file. Now you still have 455GB left and can send files or folders up to that amount. There is no expiration date on your transfer package, so you don't have to worry about your prepaid data disappearing.

How does it all work on the technical side?

Step 1

Choose the transfer package that works best for you

Step 2

Enter your email address and press the Pay button. Your order will be processed and you will be sent a message with a verification code to complete registration with FileWhopper Business.

Step 3

Check your mailbox and enter your verification code in the registration window. Create a password and click the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button.

You will be automatically logged into your FileWhopper Business account.

Step 4

Great, now you have a business account and a purchased transfer package. 

All you need to do is download a tiny app, which will facilitate your uploads, and get started.

Step 5

You will need to set a password for your transfer and get a link to the file/folder you started uploading, which you can immediately share with your recipient. 
The recipient will use the link and password to download the file/folder via the FileWhopper app.

*Your prepaid transfer package will be available once the payment goes through. You will be able to send your files or folders whenever needed, until you run out of prepaid space. Refill your account at any time by paying for more space and keep sending files at the best rates FileWhopper has to offer.

What's the difference between FileWhopper and other cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox?

Cloud storage services like OneDrive or Google Drive, are a better choice if you need to store or collaborate on files and folders. OneDrive and Google Drive are part of large interconnected ecosystems that can make your whole collaboration process effortless.

FileWhopper is a great innovative service for sharing large files and folders of any size, be it for big enterprises or small businesses.

If you send under 500GB of files per month and you can store most of your files on a computer drive (external drive), you will be able to save anywhere from $50 to $1000 with a 5TB package from FileWhopper. 

Here is why users choose us:

  • FileWhopper is that it is a pay-as-you-go service, which means you won’t need to commit to a monthly or annual subscription. You only pay for what you use.
  • Your file transfer will resume automatically after Internet connection drops. You don’t have to worry about failed transfers.
  • You can pause your transfer and switch to other tasks that require an Internet connection, if needed. This can be incredibly important and convenient when you send big data.
  • FileWhopper offers the strongest available security for your transfers, including zero-knowledge encryption.
  • You can upload and download the same file simultaneously, no need to wait for the upload to complete first. This feature is unique to FileWhopper, you won’t find it with other file sharing software or service at the moment.

Thanks to all of these advantages, our software is a great alternative to Dropbox or Google Drive for business.

How long can I store my files with your service?

By default, FileWhopper allows you to store files for 14 days after you upload them.
If you want to keep them on the servers longer, then you can always purchase additional time and store your files for another 14 days. This option adds 14 days on top of the default storage period, increasing the total storage time to 28 days.
If you need an even longer storage period for your files, you can purchase our Extras combo service (more details in this post), which gives you up to 90 days of storage. If you want to store your files permanently, it’s best to use your computer’s drives for that.
It is also important to mention that after your file has been downloaded, the transfer is deleted from the server. Therefore, if you need your file downloaded by several people, you can always purchase additional downloads for other recipients.

In general, our service is designed for sending files rather than for storing them. Our key goal is to help you regularly transfer different files in a quick and safe way. So, if you can store most of your files on your computer and use our service for sharing files when the need arises, you can save money over a cloud storage subscription.

How long does it take to transfer, say, 100GB?

The FileWhopper app simplifies the process of file upload/download and ensures the highest possible upload and download speeds by using multi-threaded data transfer technology. The transfer speed depends on the connection you use to upload or download files, thus we cannot tell the exact time required to transfer a 100GB file. 

Keep in mind that FileWhopper is not the only service that uses the Internet on your computer, so in order to ensure the highest possible upload speed for it, we recommend that you:

- check your connection speed (use any service that is designed to measure it, like any transfer, you need to have an Upload/Download speed of at least 10Mb/s

- hold off on watching online videos and uploading or downloading any other data

- refrain from surfing social networks or looking at photos on the web while the upload is still in progress

- temporarily disable other apps that consume too much traffic

 The app supports simultaneous upload and download, so you can share the download link as soon as the upload starts.

Two key benefits of a business account

Convenience. No need to go to the website, create a new transfer, pay for the transfer and download the FileWhopper app every time you want to send a file or folder. You do it once, download your app and create new uploads right from your app in just one click. This can save a lot of time if you send data regularly.

Better prices! When you buy storage space in bulk, you save money. For example, you can purchase 500GB of space for your business account for $69.99. Meanwhile, if you sent a total of 500GB as 10 separate 50GB transfers under a personal account, you would have paid $100. So, purchasing a storage space package would allow you to send your data for 30% less in this example.

You can choose a business or a personal account depending on your future plans. Choose a personal account if you don’t know when you’ll need FileWhopper again and don’t plan to use the service soon. Get the benefits of a business account if you know that you’ll be a regular customer.

Any rules to stick to while uploading my big file?
  • Do not remove or change your file’s location.
  • In order to be approved for a transfer, your folder should not contain over 3000 files.
  • To upload a folder, make sure you have administrative rights to its contents.
  • Do not change folder contents during the upload.
Why do you work with apps? Is it safe?

The FileWhopper app actually does quite a bit to ensure secure file sharing for business. It simplifies the process of file upload/download and makes it much faster, smoother and more secure. All user data is being encrypted and additionally protected by a password of your choice.

The app will automatically resume the transfer after any errors, pauses, Internet connection loss, etc. The integrity of transmitted data is also ensured. The app ensures the highest possible upload and download speeds by using multi-threaded data transfer technology.

The app supports simultaneous upload and download, so you can share the download link as soon as the upload starts. No installation is required. The app is lightweight and will automatically delete itself as soon as its job is done.

If something goes wrong, do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do issue refunds.

Full refunds (regular price + additional services if paid for) are provided within 3 calendar days of payment for one of the following reasons:

  • File or folder could not be sent due to’s fault, such as server issues that prevented or interrupted data transfer;
  • You changed your mind and decided not to send the file/folder, AND it has not actually been uploaded yet.

You may refer to our full Refund Policy in the Terms of Use.

How can I test-drive FileWhopper?

You can try our software with our solution for personal use and send your first transfer of any size from there.

Are there any transfer restrictions?

Yes, there may be some OS-specific functionality limitations depending on the operating system on your device. This is due to the fact that all FileWhopper Business transfers need to go through the desktop app, but, at the moment, there is no app version for Linux or mobile operating systems.
We continuously work to improve our service and to bring out new features and app upgrades, please stay tuned for updates. 

Current limitations:

Mobile and tablet OS: uploads and downloads unavailable
Linux OS: uploads and downloads unavailable

If you haven’t found an answer to your question, feel free to message support

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Personal Business
Option to upload through the browser (up to 20GB): no need to download app
Purchase additional services if needed
Zero-knowledge encryption
Prepay for transfer packages: no need to pay for a new transfer every time
Multiple simultaneous uploads: save time when sending multiple files
Reusable application: no need to download the app for each transfer
Cost of each 1GB transfer
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Transfer packages
A transfer package is a specific amount of data you prepay. You can then send files or folders up to that amount, and your package gets reduced by the amount of data you send. Example: You purchase a 500GB transfer package. Then you send a 45GB file. Now you still have 455GB left and can send files or folders up to that amount. There is no expiration date on your transfer package, so you don’t have to worry about your prepaid data disappearing.
100GB  package
500GB  package
5TB  package
Payment details
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