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How to purchase additional services for your transfers

How to purchase additional services on a business account

You can go to your FileWhopper account page and purchase additional services for any file or folder transfer you have started on your business account.

Here’s how to see the price and purchase additional services:

Step 1

Go to your FileWhopper account page and select the transfer you want to buy additional services for.

Click on ‘Show more’ to see the additional services and their prices. Please note that the cost of additional services depends on the file or folder size, so you can get different prices for different transfers within your FileWhopper business account.

Step 2

Select the additional services you want to purchase for this transfer. You can expand and add additional services to other transfers as well at this moment.

All selected items and their prices will be reflected in the Order Summary window.

Step 3

Once you’ve selected all the services you need, click the CONFIRM & PAY button to proceed to the Prepayment popup.

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