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How to transfer an entire system drive

FileWhopper was designed to transfer files and folders of any size, so if you need to upload an entire system drive, it’s totally ok. To have your drive successfully transferred, make sure it meets the requirements below:

1)Number of files is under 3000

To be accepted for transfer, your system drive must not contain more than 3000 files.

2)You have administrative rights to the drive’s contents

3)The drive has no locked files
When you select a system drive in the FileWhopper Uploader, our system will detect that you are trying to send a whole drive and remind you to check if your drive contains any locked files. If it does, the upload will fail, as locked files cannot be sent (for example, files get locked if they are used by another application).

4)You will not need any files from your system drive until the upload is complete.

Uploading an entire system drive can take a while, so make sure you won’t need any files while the upload is in progress. If the drive contains files or folders you may need to access soon, just copy them to another drive before the upload starts and use these copies until the upload is complete.

Once the upload of your system drive has successfully started, you can copy and share the download link and password with the intended recipient(s).

A very important note here for the recipient of a system drive:

1) If the recipient selects their system drive to save the downloaded content to, a new subfolder with the drive name will be created to avoid the recipient’s drive data being overwritten with the new data. If the recipient chooses an existing folder or creates a new one, the transferred drive will be saved into that folder.
2) If an existing folder is selected to save the drive to, a new subfolder with the drive name will be created to make sure no data is overwritten.

While your system drive is uploading:

- Do not remove or change your drive’s location!

- The drive’s contents are locked and cannot be altered during the upload.

- The app window can be minimised and the transfer will continue in the background.

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