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What additional services are available for a business account?

FileWhopper lets you purchase additional services when sending large files and folders using a business account. Here are the options you may add to any business account upload:

14 additional days of file storage

By default, any file or folder you send in a business account is stored for 14 days or until it reaches its downloads limit. This option adds 14 days on top of it, thus increasing the total storage period to 28 days.

5 additional downloads of your file

By default, each upload is meant to be downloaded once, but if you need more downloads, you can use this option to add 5 downloads for a specific data transfer bringing the total number of downloads to 6.

Extras combo

If you need both the longer storage time and more downloads, you may consider getting Extras combo. With Extras combo purchased, the data is stored on FileWhopper’s servers for 3 months (90 days) and can be downloaded 3 times. 

Please note that you can purchase 5 additional downloads and Extras combo for the same transfer, but no data transfer can have both the Extras combo and 14 additional days of storage at the same time.

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