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What additional services are available with a data transfer and when can they be purchased?

Once you have a price estimation for your file/folder transfer, you will be redirected to the “Order Summary” page. Before finalizing your future transfer, you will have an option to add any of the three additional services to your order.

1) 14 additional days of file storage

The file will be stored on our server for 14 additional days, so the recipient has more time to download it. If you are sending it to yourself to be downloaded at a different location, you'll have plenty of time to travel there.

2) 5 additional downloads of your file

The file can be downloaded up to six times instead of once, so you can share it with more than a single person.

3) Extras combo

The file is stored on the server for three months and can be downloaded up to three times.

Please note that the 14 additional days of storage and the Extras combo option are mutually exclusive offers, regardless of whether you try to purchase them separately or at the same time. Once you purchase one of them, you will not be able to purchase the other for the same transfer.

Can I purchase additional services after I have sent my file or folder?

You can select additional services on the checkout page when placing your order. If you don’t, you can still purchase them from your online FileWhopper account after the file or folder has been uploaded. However, this can only be done BEFORE your transfer reaches its current download or storage limits, that is while the transfer is still active.
Each additional service may only be purchased once per data transfer. If a service has been purchased and later refunded, it may not be re-purchased for the same data transfer.
In order to see your totals, simply select additional services that you’d like to add to your transfer and review your selections in a table on the right. When you’re done selecting the services, proceed with payment in the “Order Summary” section on the right side of the page.

If a partial or full refund has been made for the Extras combo service, you may not purchase the 14 additional days of storage service, and vice versa: if a partial or full refund has been made for the 14 additional days of storage service, the file/folder insurance service may not be purchased for the same transfer.

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