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Top-Level Data Protection with Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Data privacy protection is one or the key FileWhopper values. To ensure we provide top-level protection for every file or folder transfer, we’ve implemented the “zero-knowledge encryption” method in our design, which stands to be a cutting-edge way of ensuring data safety. The following article explains what zero-knowledge encryption is, and how we’ve implemented it in FileWhopper.

How does zero-knowledge encryption work in FileWhopper data transfers?

To put it simply, with zero-knowledge encryption, neither the service providers, nor the servers or any other data storage units have any knowledge of the user’s password key, which means that even if the servers get compromised, your password key is still secure with you and you alone. This is how it works with FileWhopper uploads & downloads:

1)When a user starts an upload to send their files, they will receive a unique ID for each transfer instead of a file name. With our zero-knowledge encryption, even FileWhopper doesn’t know the names of your transferred files.

2)The sender launches the FileWhopper uploader app to create a password for the transfer. The password is only stored locally and will never reach FileWhopper’s servers.
3)The app encrypts the user’s files or folders with the password, breaking them down to bite-size data pieces, and then uploads the encrypted data to FileWhopper’s server.
4)The app prompts the user to save the password and the download link or share this data with the recipient right away.
5)Once the upload completes, the FileWhopper app deletes itself. At this point, the sender is the only one with access to the password.
6)The sender may then share the download link and password with their recipient by any means they prefer.
7)The recipient will then use the password and the download link to get the app, to receive and decrypt the data.
8)Once the download has successfully completed, the app will reassemble the bite-size data pieces into the original files.

What makes zero-knowledge encryption your most secure option?

This method ensures the user’s exclusive access to the password. Only you have the password and the download link, and you have the liberty of choosing your own means of keeping or sharing it.
Those who aren’t too concerned about data security may save the password and the download link in a .txt file and just email it to their recipient. On the other hand, if your files contain sensitive information, you can choose a more sophisticated means of transferring the password and the download link. Perhaps, sending the link through email and the password through a phone call or an encrypted communications app. In either case, your data security is completely in your hands with FileWhopper!

Even if there were an attack on FileWhopper’s server, your files’ security would not be compromised, as the decryption key never reaches our servers. You can be sure that those attackers will be disappointed with not being able to read or decrypt anything.
In a nutshell, you can use FileWhopper to send any type of data and be absolutely confident that the zero-knowledge encryption method will prevent access to your data or password by us or by any third-party.

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