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Why are FileWhopper apps the smartest choice for uploads and downloads?

Imagine trying to upload gigabytes worth of family pictures from your hard disk to a cloud, or share them with your relatives. Then your internet connection is interrupted or your computer unexpectedly shuts down. Now you’re going to get a headache figuring out what’s been uploaded and what's missing. You may find it easier to just re-upload everything. OR, you could use FileWhopper to avert this whole debacle.
FileWhopper uses small upload and download apps to ensure the fastest and safest way of file transfer, making your life a whole lot easier.

Here’s what makes them a smarter choice – they’re specifically designed to transfer large files in the safest and most efficient way possible:

  1. If the above scenario happens and your computer crashes at 99% of upload completion, the FileWhopper app saves your progress and makes it possible to pick up the process from where it was interrupted. This is applicable to both the upload app and the download app. You’re saving hours by using FileWhopper instead of your web browser.
  2. The apps are designed to use our servers to the max to give you the ultimate experience with the fastest upload\download speed. For huge files and folders, the difference can be quite significant.
  3. The uploader app encrypts all your data with a password key generated on your computer. The app doesn't transfer this key to our servers. So no one, not even the FileWhopper staff have access to a single byte of the transferred data. On the recipient’s side, the downloader app uses the maximum speed possible to download the encrypted data by the most secure means, protecting the transfer from connection failure. The recipient can then apply the sender’s password to decrypt the downloaded data.
  4. Our apps delete themselves without a trace, once the transfer has been completed. They serve their function, and they’re automatically gone. Easy. You won’t need to manually uninstall them.

Is it safe to use the apps?

Yes! It is absolutely safe to download the apps from FileWhopper’s website. They contain no viruses, and their single function is to take care of your uploads and downloads, then to delete themselves right after.

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