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Why FileWhopper doesn’t support password reset

FileWhopper uses zero-knowledge encryption to ensure no one can get access to your password, even the FileWhopper admins. This enables ultimate data protection (uploaded data is encrypted and useless without the password), but it also gives us no way to alter or reset your password, or to send it to the file recipient - we simply don’t have any access to the password ourselves. If there was any way to reset the password, it would be a potential security threat. This is why we ask you to make sure you’ve saved your password prior to closing the FileWhopper app on your computer.

FileWhopper app prompts you to save or share the password as there will be no way to restore it after the upload is complete and the app is closed

The only thing you can do if you lose the password is ask our support team to delete your transfer. The encrypted data will be deleted from our servers and you’ll be able to re-upload it and set a new password for the new transfer.

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