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Why using the uploader app is smarter than uploading directly from the browser

The uploader app was designed to provide comfort, ease of use and top-level data protection to all FileWhopper business users. At first sight, the need to install the app may look like an additional and unnecessary step, but if you weigh all the advantages of the uploader app against the several seconds you need to spend on installing it, we bet you’ll change your mind.

Here are some key uploader app advantages:

1.The app saves your upload progress and resumes automatically

If your computer crashes and your computer crashes while your uploads are still in progress, the FileWhopper app saves your progress and makes it possible to pick up the process from where it was interrupted.

2. Speed optimization

The app is designed to use our servers to the max to give you the ultimate experience with the fastest upload\download speed. For huge files and folders, the difference can be quite significant. Besides, if you have the need to run multiple uploads, you can set a limit on the number of simultaneous uploads in the app, which will influence the speed of each ongoing upload. The more transfers you have running at the same time, the longer it will take to complete each of them.

3.Active transfers monitoring and control

Your uploader app does not only facilitate your uploads, but also works as a command center. On your home screen, you can see the upload progress and download status for each or your active file or folder transfers started on this computer. You can pause and resume your transfers, get a download link and password to send to your recipient directly from your app.

4. Data privacy protection

The uploader app encrypts all your data transfers with password keys generated on your computer. The app does not transfer these keys to our servers. So no one, not even the FileWhopper staff have access to a single byte of the transferred data. On the recipient’s side, the downloader app uses the maximum speed possible to download the encrypted data by the most secure means, protecting the transfer from connection failure. The recipient can then apply the sender’s password to decrypt the downloaded data.

Is it safe to use the uploader app?

Yes! It is absolutely safe as long as you get the uploader app from FileWhopper’s website. It contains no viruses, and it's only job is to help you easily upload your data and monitor the status of your active transfers.

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