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Errors or issues during browser downloads

Downloading files directly from the browser is self-explanatory and error free in the vast majority of cases. However, there is a small chance of an error popping up. In this article we’ve assembled some tips to prevent download errors, as well as advice on ways to resolve issues when downloading data directly from your browser. Please refer to another article in this section if you are downloading with the FileWhopper app.

Tips to avoid download errors

  • Make sure you have enough free space on your drive before starting the download.
  • Use Google Chrome or MS Edge browsers, as they are set up to ensure a smooth download process and let you pause and resume download as needed.
  • Pause your download to save the progress if you need to close the browser or shut down your computer
  • When resuming your download, use the same browser that you started your download in.
  • Your browser may ask for permission to edit the file when you resume your download. Grant this permission for the download to proceed.
  • While your download is in progress, a .crswap file will be created in the destination folder. Do not delete or alter this file. It will be automatically deleted once the download is complete.
  • Don’t close your browser tab until you see the ‘Download completed’ message. Finalizing the download may take some time for big files, but it’s important to wait till it’s finished.Wait till you see the ‘Download completed’ message before closing your browser tab

Possible errors during browser download

‘Download unavailable’

If you see this message after clicking the download link, this data transfer has reached its downloads limit. Please ask your file sender to check the file transfer status or to purchase additional downloads, if needed.

If you see the ‘Download unavailable’ message, this file transfer has reached its downloads limit

‘Something went wrong with your download’

There was a problem with your download

This message pops up when there’s a problem with your download process. Most likely it is caused by your Internet connection being down, or because you opened or altered either the file being downloaded or the .crswap file that is essential for the download process. Check your Internet connection, undo the changes or close the file, close the error message and refresh the page to proceed with your download. Please note that your browser may ask you for permission to edit the file once you click the ‘Resume’ button. Grant the permission for your download to proceed.

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