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Errors or Issues During Download Process

Usually, downloading data with the FileWhopper app goes smoothly. However, there are still some situations that may cause errors to occur. To help you better understand what caused your specific error and get some guidance on how to fix it, we’ve collected some error screens with detailed descriptions.
The password to download the file/folder is incorrect
Try contacting the file sender to make sure you got the correct password. Also, be careful when copying the password from a chat message, as messengers may add extra invisible characters to your password.
Not enough space available on the destination drive to save the download
Simply free up some space on the drive that has the folder you want to save to, or select another location to avoid this error.
Internet connection was lost and your download is now on hold
The app will attempt to resume the download from the same point as soon as connection is re-established. The error message will only appear after several unsuccessful attempts to reconnect. However, we recommend keeping the app open, so it can continue trying to connect to the Internet in the background. Once connection is re-established, the download will continue automatically.
Server issues
You will see this error when FileWhopper servers experience temporary problems and your app gets no response. Don’t worry, we’re most likely already working on this problem. Keep the app running in the background, and it will automatically resume the download when the problem is gone. If it doesn’t for a long time, please contact our support team for assistance.
Your file may have been removed from the destination folder before the download completed
To fix this issue, you need to place the file back where it was and click the ‘CONTINUE DOWNLOAD’ button to resume the download.
The storage period is over for the file/folder you’re trying to download
The download is no longer available. Please, contact the sender for more details.
When starting the upload, the file/folder owner sets the number of downloads for this transfer
The standard option is one download per transfer unless additional downloads are added. Once the last available download has been started, anyone trying to start a new download will receive this error message. If that's what happens in your case, you can contact the file sender for more information.
This file has already been downloaded or was deleted from FileWhopper’s server because the storage period has expired
Contact the file sender for more details.
The sender pauses the upload or loses Internet connection
The FileWhopper app supports simultaneous upload and download. However, if the upload is put on hold, you will get an error message. This happens when the sender pauses the upload or loses Internet connection. Keep the app running and it will automatically resume your download as soon as more data is uploaded to the server. You can also try clicking the Resume button to check if there’s any progress.
Upload deleted
This error appears when the upload gets deleted on the sender’s side for some reason, which may be due to refund being processed, failed payment, first free transfer being deleted by sender, or similar. Please contact the sender for more details.
Removable storage device was unplugged during download
This error appears when you are saving the download to a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, and it gets unplugged from your computer while the download is in process. If this happens, please try waiting a few minutes or restarting the FileWhopper App after you reconnect the device. This might help. To prevent this error from occurring, please be sure not to disconnect the removable storage device while the download is still active, even if you reboot your computer.