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How to download your file/folder

FileWhopper is a great service for sending large files and folders. They can be transferred via the FileWhopper app or directly from the web browser. Please note that the FileWhopper download method depends on the upload method used by the sender. This means that if a file was uploaded via the FileWhopper app, it must be downloaded via the app as well, while any data sent directly from the web browser can only be downloaded via the recipient’s browser.

To start your download, please use the download link provided by the sender.

Download directly from the browser

If the sender used their web browser to send the file/folder, you’ll see a green 'Start Download' button, like the one in the picture below.

Use the ‘Start Download’ button to receive your large file sent with FileWhopper

All you need to do to start your download is press this button, select a location on your computer to download the file to, and enter the password you received from the sender.

Enter the password to download your large file in FileWhopper

We recommend using Google Chrome or MS Edge for browser downloads, as these browsers let you pause and resume your download. This may be really handy when you are downloading a really large file. Don’t forget to pause the download if you need to close your browser or shut down your computer, otherwise your progress won’t be saved and you will need to start all over.

Download via the FileWhopper app

The FileWhopper app supports simultaneous uploads and downloads, so you can start downloading as soon as you get the link. The link takes you to a special page on, from which you can download the FileWhopper app for Windows or macOS.

Use the download link to launch the FileWhopper app for Windows or Mac

Once the app is successfully downloaded, just follow these steps to proceed:

Step 1

The app will ask you for a password when it’s launched. If the file sender didn’t provide you with a password along with the download link, ask them to share it with you. FileWhopper doesn’t have access to user passwords, and we won't be able to help if a password is lost.

Step 2

Please wait while your password is verified.

Step 3

Specify the location your file/folder will be downloaded to. Please make sure there’s enough space on your drive, otherwise, the download will not be completed.

Step 4

You can set the FileWhopper app to turn off your computer as soon as the download completes. To do so, check the box right below the destination folder field.

Step 5

You can also set the app to automatically launch and resume the download after a sudden PC reboot. The box is checked by default for your convenience. If you do not want the app to automatically resume the download after reboot, you should uncheck this box.

Enter you password and choose destination folder to start your large file or folder download

Step 6

As soon as your download starts, you’ll be able to see the progress, the amount of data received, transfer speed and estimated time left. You’ll also be able to pause and resume your download at any time. You can close the app’s main window and it will keep working in the background. An alert will pop up to let you know when your download completes or if any issues arise during transfer.

Track your download progress, pause and resume it at any time in the FileWhopper app

Step 7

In case of Internet connection loss, the app will automatically keep trying to reconnect. If connection recovery fails after several attempts, you will see an error notification. You can still leave your app running and it will keep trying to reconnect in the background. As soon as a connection is established, your download will resume automatically.

Step 8

After your download completes, the app will notify you and give you the option to open the destination folder. If you close the app at this stage, it will get automatically deleted from your computer.

Successful large file download in the FileWhopper app

The steps above describe the standard download process flow. If you experience any issues or errors during your download, please see this page or Contact Us for assistance.

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