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How to get additional downloads for your file/folder

Standard FileWhopper options that come with your transfer are 14 days of file storage and 1 download of your file/folder. However, if you need more people to download it, you can buy 5 extra downloads, so that your transfer can be downloaded a total of 6 times.

To do it, just check the box next to the ‘5 additional downloads’ option on the order summary page.

The Your Totals table on the right will tell you how many downloads and storage days you will get as you select options. The price for each service is indicated next to its name and will be added to your order total. When you’re done selecting services, proceed with payment and start the upload. All the additional services you prepay will be shown in your personal account along with other information on your transfer.

Can I purchase additional downloads after I have sent my file or folder?

Even if you have already created an upload or uploaded your file or folder, you can still purchase additional downloads from your online FileWhopper account. However, this can only be done BEFORE your transfer reaches its current download or storage limits, that is while the transfer is still active.

  1. Go to your online FileWhopper account.
  2. Select the transfer you need to purchase additional downloads for and click on ‘Show more’ to get to the additional services section
  3. Select ‘add 5 downloads’ and press the CONFIRM & PAY button in the order summary window

You can purchase several additional services for different transfers of yours within one payment.

Don’t hesitate to contact our  Support Team in case you need additional information or assistance.

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