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My Antivirus Program Blocks the FileWhopper App

Is my Antivirus blocking my transfer?
So, you've opened the FileWhopper site, selected your file and ran it through for a quote. And then, when you have made the payment and were ready to start the transfer, you realize that something is not right. If you’re having trouble starting the upload, the most common culprits are security software, such as antivirus/antimalware programs, or some other software that might be blocking the FileWhopper app.

Security software is a necessity on any PC these days, as it works to protect your personal files from all kinds of threats. However, sometimes it just goes too far and flags or blocks legitimate applications, which interferes with things you are trying to do on your computer.
Security Software
A properly working antimalware or antivirus program will stop malware, spyware, and viruses from entering your computer. The software scans all incoming network data for malicious software and blocks potential threats. Some software, like Norton, uses a web shield and has been known to accidentally flag our service in the past. While others use HTTP checking, which may interfere with your access to our service.

We monitor for such issues and contact antivirus software makers as soon as a problem is discovered. Fixes are released when an update comes out, which is why the first thing we recommend is updating your antivirus/antimalware program to the latest version whenever you experience an issue. This often helps resolve any compatibility problems and lets the FileWhopper app work smoothly alongside your antivirus.
Another reason that our service might not work as designed is due to browser extensions. For example, flash blockers may obstruct parts of our interface preventing you from being able to use it. Ad blocking plugins may read certain code elements belonging to the FileWhopper app incorrectly, which may cause them to block it. Thankfully, these obstacles are easy to overcome by temporarily disabling flash and ad blockers in your web browser.
Files in Use
If you’ve checked the above and are still experiencing a problem with your transfer, there is one more thing that could be a factor. If the files you are trying to upload are currently open in another program, the upload will not be possible until you get them closed. Check all programs that are running on your PC, which may be using the files you are trying to upload. Make sure that you’ve closed all of them before attempting the upload again.
While we constantly test our software in all major web browsers and with major antivirus software programs, that does not guarantee that issues will not occur. Since antivirus software gets updated with new functionality all the time, keeping up with it is a challenge. Besides, new plugins get released and added to web browsers, and users’ computers end up with unique combinations of installed software and apps, which makes it impossible to test our software for every possible system setup. However, we do our best to act on any issue reports and try to ensure a smooth and problem-free experience for our users. If you encounter a problem with an antivirus blocking your FileWhopper upload, we’ll appreciate you letting us know, so we could get it fixed.