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My antivirus program blocks the FileWhopper app

What if you can’t download a file or folder using the FileWhopper app? The most probable reason for this happening is your current antivirus software (or another application on your PC) blocking the download.

Naturally, you do need reliable malware protection for your computer to keep your system safe from all sorts of threats — especially if you spend a lot of time online. However, not all antivirus programs are created equal, and some may take things too far, flagging legitimate applications and downloads coming from them. Needless to say, this will put limitations on what you can do on your PC and interfere with a lot of basic actions.

In such a case, we suggest updating your antivirus program to the latest available version. Some programs (like Norton, for instance) use a web shield that has been reported to occasionally flag our software, while others may use HTTP checking, which may prevent you from accessing FileWhopper. On our side, we always monitor issues of this kind and immediately get in touch with antivirus software makers as soon as a problem is reported. In most cases, fixes to the issue are released with the next update. Thus, simply updating your antivirus software may often be enough to resolve compatibility problems and use FileWhopper with no interruptions.

There is another reason why you may not be able to access our file transfer service — browser extensions. Flash blockers, for example, may interfere with certain elements of FileWhopper’s interface and prevent you from using the service normally. Ad-blocking plugins may misinterpret some code elements of our service, which will lead to it being blocked by your web browser. If you suspect that this may be the case, you may want to try uninstalling your ad-blocking extensions to see if this solves the problem.

Summing things up

We do our best to make sure that our service works properly with all popular web browsers and main antivirus programs. Unfortunately, we still cannot guarantee that issues will not come up.

As anti-malware software is frequently updated and new ad-blocking plugins are constantly released and added to web browsers, it’s not always possible for us to keep up with all the recent changes. However, we do whatever is within our power to stay up-to-date with all new developments and address compatibility issues as soon as they arise. Please let us know if you are experiencing any issues when transferring files with FileWhopper, and we will immediately set out to get them fixed.

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