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Where to find your downloaded data

Once you have completed your FileWhopper download, you may want to see the data you’ve downloaded. Here’s how to find it.

Downloads via the FileWhopper app

If you downloaded your file or folder via the FileWhopper app, at the last stage the app prompted you to open the folder with your download. This is the fastest way to view the data or move it to another folder.

If you have already closed the app and don’t remember which folder you set as the destination, try the Downloads folder on your computer, this is the folder the data is saved to by default.

At the end of the download, the FileWhopper app prompts to open the folder with your file or folder

Downloads from a browser

If you downloaded your file directly from your browser, you can find it in your browser’s downloads or just run a search by the file name.

You can search for the downloaded file by the name displayed on your Download page

Here’s where you can find your Downloads folder in Google Chrome:

Google Chrome Downloads folder location
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