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How secure is my transfer?

Speaking of security, with FileWhopper you can be sure that your files are in a safe place, as all your files will be encrypted for transfer. Read on for details.

If you’ve made the decision to share sensitive and important data online you should use a secure service like FileWhopper as we make sure all your files will be safely delivered to its recipient.

FileWhopper uses a proprietary upload/download app that simplifies the file transfer and makes it quick, secure and effortless. The app will automatically resume the transfer after any errors, pauses, Internet connection loss, etc. The integrity of transmitted data is also ensured. All user data is being encrypted and additionally protected with a password of your choice. The password is generated in the upload app once the upload starts, or is manually created by the user before it is saved.
The user is prompted to save the password to their desktop as a .txt file. It’s crucial to keep the password saved, as it can only be accessed by the file owner. The password is NOT transmitted to or saved on FileWhopper’s servers, which also means no human interaction, errors, or data breach.

Once the upload starts, you can share the download link and the password with the recipient, as the app supports simultaneous uploads and downloads. This password may only be accessed by the file owner and the recipient(s) they share it with, and it is solely the users’ responsibility to keep the password secure from unauthorized use. When the download is not started on the same day as the upload, your file/folder can be safely stored on our server for up to 14 days and deleted as soon as the download is complete.

The name of the uploaded file or folder is also encrypted and not transferred to our servers. You will only see your file\folder’s real name on the web when you get a price quote and review order summary. The real file/folder name will be accompanied with a transfer ID generated on our server as you go through these steps. Once payment is made, you will only see your unique transfer ID instead of the real file/folder name, as the real name is not transferred to or saved on our servers. You can identify each upload in your personal FileWhopper account by the unique transfer ID.

You will still be able to see the real file/folder name in the FileWhopper App on your computer, and your file recipient will also see the real file/folder name in the FIleWhopper App on their PC once they have entered the password you’ve sent them with the link.