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How to upload your file with FileWhopper

With FileWhopper you can transfer large files or folders with no size limit. In this article, we will feature step-by-step instructions on how to upload a file for transfer. The service is very easy to use. Here is how you can securely share files of any size on FileWhopper:
Step 1
First, click to choose or drag and drop your file onto the CHOOSE FILE button on FileWhopper’s home page. Your file will be uploaded for a price quote based on its size.
Step 2
Review the details to complete your order: you can change the file, add some additional services or switch accounts at this step. If everything is correct, then click the CONFIRM & PAY button.
Step 3
After that, go to your personal account and click the START TRANSFER button to download the FileWhopper app. It’s a quick tool that will facilitate your large file upload (the app will delete itself when the upload is complete).
Step 4
To secure the transfer, your file will be encrypted with a password. The password is automatically generated inside the app and is not transmitted to our servers; you can also create your own password using anything between 6 and 64 characters.
By default, the “Save the password to my desktop as a .txt file” option is checked. This is important as the password is only stored inside the app and will get deleted upon transfer completion. Then click the PROCEED WITH UPLOAD button.
Step 5
Drag and drop or click to choose the same file you’ve submitted for a quote, then click the START UPLOAD button. Once the upload starts, you can share the download link and the password with the recipient as the app supports simultaneous uploads and downloads.

Note: The upload might take some time, especially if you have a large file.

You have the option to shut down your PC when the upload is finished, which can also be canceled later if needed. Finally, the file upload is complete and if you haven’t shared the download link and the password with your recipient yet, this is the time to do so! Once you close the app, it automatically gets deleted from your computer. The download link can also be found in your personal account. And please double-check that you have saved your password.

The payment for a large file transfer only covers a transfer to a single recipient, unless additional services are included in the same transaction. If a download is already in progress, the link gets disabled for all other users, unless additional downloads have been ordered and paid for by the file owner. Once the file is downloaded, it is deleted from the server.
While your file is uploading:
  • Do not remove or change your file’s location!
  • You have an option to pause your upload and resume it on demand.
  • The app’s window can be minimized and the transfer will continue in the background. You can track the transfer progress in your online account.
  • You can share the link and password with the recipient(s) while your upload is still in progress. One download is included in the price unless additional downloads have been purchased.
  • Your 14 days of storage period starts from the moment the upload begins. After that, your file is deleted unless additional days of storage have been purchased.