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Errors and issues during the folder upload process

To avoid the most common errors please make sure that you are following the easy steps below while your folder is uploading:
  • Do not remove or change your folder’s location!
  • To be accepted for transfer, the folder must not contain more than 3000 files.
  • To upload a folder, you must have administrative rights to its contents.
  • The folder’s contents are locked and cannot be altered during the upload.
  • You have an option to pause your upload and resume it on demand.
  • The app’s browsing window can be minimized and the transfer will continue in the background. You can track the transfer progress in your online account.
  • You can share the link and password with the recipient(s) while your upload is still in progress. One download is included in the price unless additional downloads have been purchased.
  • Your 14 days of storage period starts from the moment the upload begins. After that, your file is deleted unless additional days of storage have been purchased.

Here are the examples of the common errors in the upload app and how to avoid them.
Incorrect password
It is vital that the folder owner saves the password that is automatically generated in the upload app or created manually by the user. FileWhopper does not have access to the password and it is never stored on FileWhopper’s servers. The file recipient will be unable to download the transmitted data without the password, which is why we offer the sender to save the password as a .txt file on their desktop. By default, the file is named Your foldername download link and password.txt. Saving the password as a .txt file is optional, but having the password is mandatory for data download. The checkbox to save the password to your desktop is checked by default, but can be unchecked.

The password can be 6 to 64 characters long. If the sender decides to manually create a password, it should fit the length requirements, otherwise an error message will be displayed. Once the upload has started, the sender can copy and share the download link and the password with the recipient. The app supports simultaneous upload and download.
The selected folder doesn’t match
“The selected folder doesn’t match the one you were charged for. Please select the same folder to proceed.”

This error appears when the sender selects a different folder for upload and not the one that was used to get the price quote and make payment. The size of the folder and the name should also match. In order to proceed, the sender can only choose the folder that was initially intended for this particular transfer.
No Internet connection
“It seems there is no Internet connection at the moment. Please check your network settings. The upload will proceed automatically as soon as the issue is resolved.”

Seeing this error means that Internet connection was lost. The upload process is in standby mode and will resume from the same point as soon as connection is re-established.
And in cases when there is no Internet connection for an extended period of time, the user will notice the app making several attempts to resume the transfer on its own. The sender can also click the “TRY NOW” button to manually resume the upload once they’ve confirmed that their PC is connected to the Internet.
Server failure
“It seems there’s a problem with our server. Don’t worry, our technicians are already working to fix it. The upload will proceed automatically as soon as the issue is resolved. If the problem stays, please contact our support team using the online form.”

Seeing this error message does not require the user to take any action. You should not close or delete the app, as the upload will resume automatically as soon as the problem is fixed. If the issue persists, you can submit a support request and get assistance.
Upload already started or completed
“Upload started/completed
It seems this upload has already been started or completed with another desktop client.”

This error message implies that the sender already used the upload link to start the transfer and that the transfer is currently in progress. The error might also mean that the folder upload was completed using another app at another time. In either case, you may want to check your personal FileWhopper account and verify the folder name and upload status (active or downloaded). You can also get the upload app link there, if it was accidentally deleted while the upload was still in progress.
Upload failed
“Your upload failed :(“
It’s been more than 14 days since you started uploading your folder(s) and now your storage period is over. The FileWhopper desktop client will be automatically deleted from your PC once you close this window.”

This error message appears when the upload was started more than 14 days ago and was not completed during that time period. User files are stored on FileWhopper’s servers for 14 days and then destroyed automatically, unless additional storage time is ordered.