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How to speed up the upload

The speed at which the FileWhopper app transfers your files depends on your bandwidth. The app is likely is not the only program on your PC using the Internet. As such, the transfer speed of files can be affected by other programs operating on your system.

If you want your file upload on FileWhopper to go even faster, here’s what we suggest:
  • Check your connection speed. You can use any service that performs this function — like (
  • Temporarily hold off on watching movies online, playing online games and uploading or downloading large amounts of data.
  • Take a break from surfing social networks or browsing photos on the web until the upload completes.
  • While the upload is in progress, disable other apps that take up a lot of web traffic.

Before your files are transferred, FileWhopper initiates a data preparation process during which the app reads the data on your device, encrypts it and gets it ready for upload. This is an important step in ensuring a safe and smooth transfer of your files.

Fragmentation can also affect the speed of data preparation happens. To speed up this phase of the process, we suggest you defragment your files. So, if your Internet speed is good and you have a fast processor, your file upload speed should be at its optimal state.