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My antivirus program blocks the FileWhopper app

In most cases, users can transfer files successfully once they’ve paid the quote. However, there are instances wherein you may notice that something is just not right and you are having trouble uploading your file. Don’t worry because it’s likely that the problem can be easily fixed. Here’s what can be causing the issue:

  • The file you are trying to upload may be in use by another application.
  • Your antivirus software may be interfering with the FileWhopper service.
  • Or, an extension in your browser can be causing the issue.

Files in use by another application
Check if the file or files that you are trying to upload are being used by another application. If this is the case, the upload won’t be possible. Make sure to go through all the programs which may be using the files that you are trying to upload. If you find any, close them before trying the upload again.

Security software is absolutely essential on any PC: it protects your personal files and private data from a whole range of potential threats. However, these programs may go a bit too far and start flagging or blocking friendly applications like FileWhopper. Of course, this can be a problem once you start transferring files.

Security software blocking FileWhopper
The right anti-malware or antivirus program is meant to stop malware, spyware, and other malicious items from penetrating your system. These programs will scan all incoming network data for viruses and other malware and prevent any potential threats. Some security programs that use a web shield (like, for instance, Norton) may accidentally flag a service like FileWhopper. Other programs may use HTTP checking, which can interfere with access to the service.

FileWhopper team is keeping a close eye on such instances and gets in touch with anti-malware software makers as soon as an issue like this is discovered. In most cases, the fixes for such problems are released with a new software update. Thus, we highly recommend that you keep your antivirus program updated to the latest manufacturer-recommended version at all times.

Browser extensions interfering with file transfer
There is another reason why you may be running into a problem when uploading your file — browser extensions. To give you an example, flash blockers may interfere with certain elements of the FileWhopper interface and prevent you from using it the way it has been designed.

Another example are ad blocking plugins. They may interpret certain code elements belonging to the FileWhopper app incorrectly and block it. So, how do you send large videos if your browser extension is blocking the transfer? Luckily, this can be easily fixed by simply disabling (at least temporarily) flash and ad blocker extensions in your web browser.

Summing things up
We are constantly testing FileWhopper on all popular web browsers and with all major anti-malware programs. Unfortunately, there is still not a 100% guarantee that the file uploading issues won’t occur. As antivirus software is frequently updated with new features, it can be quite a challenge to keep up with all the changes taking place. Moreover, as new plugins are released and added to web browsers, user PCs end up stocking a unique combination of installed software, apps and extensions. This makes FileWhopper testing process even more complicated.

With that, we do our best to promptly react to any report of an issue and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our users. If you’ve run into a problem when using FileWhopper or if you’ve found out that your anti-malware software is blocking the service, we will really appreciate you letting us know about it. This way, we can start fixing the issue to continue offering you the best way to send large files.