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How to download to a mobile phone?

To download files to a mobile device, just as to upload from one, you need to use your web browser. 

Please note that upload and download of the same file via FileWhopper may only be done using the same means: files uploaded via a web browser must be downloaded using a browser, while files sent via the FileWhopper app may be downloaded via the app only. Mobile uploads may only be done from a web browser, so this is the only method available for downloading such files.

If the sender used their web browser to send the file/folder, you’ll see a green 'Start Download' button, like the one in the picture below.

Use the ‘Start Download’ button to receive your large file sent with FileWhopper

All you need to do to start your download is press this button, select a location on your device to download the file to, and enter the password you received from the sender.

Enter the password to download your large file in FileWhopper

Possible issues and tips to avoid or solve them.

Since all downloads to a mobile phone go through your web browser, you can use the advice from our article on browser downloads and typical errors:

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