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Transfer size limit on a phone

Currently, the file size limit for mobile phones is 20GB per transfer.
This limit was set to ensure that your transfer goes smoothly, while its size would be enough to send large videos or pictures.

Can I transfer folders from my phone?

Folder upload is not available for any transfers that go via a web browser.
This is due to browser security requirements and the need to make many security-related requests to the server regarding the contents of the folder being sent, which could add hours to the total transfer time.

Download for iPhone owners

Unfortunately, downloads are temporarily unavailable on iOS devices due to iOS security restrictions.
For now, we recommend that data recipients use: 

  • Any web browser on a Windows, Linux or macOS device
  • Any web browser on an Android phone

Supported web browsers for mobile transfers

Upload is currently supported from all Android and iOS based browsers.
Download is currently only supported onto Android phones.

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