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With our service, you can transfer any file of ANY SIZE by paying a one-time fee that depends on file size on a pay-as-you-go basis. If you’re looking to send 100GB, 1TB or even 10TB, there's no need to buy a monthly plan from any storage service now.

On the FileWhopper homepage, move the toggle on the calculator scroll bar to check your approximate price. For example:

If you need to to know the exact price for your transfer, please follow these steps (the price of your transfer depends on the file or folder size):

  • To check the price, upload your file or folder to FileWhopper’s homepage by clicking to choose or drag and drop your file/folder onto the corresponding button (CHOOSE FILE / CHOOSE FOLDER). The system will calculate transfer cost based on your file size and immediately display it (as shown on the screenshot below).
  • Getting a quote takes a couple of seconds and does not require you to commit to anything.
  • If the price sounds good to you, you can press the PAY button to proceed with the transfer.
  • The price includes 1 download and up to 14 days of storage of your file or folder. Additional services, such as 5 additional downloads of your file/folder, 14 additional days of storage and file insurance, can be purchased when you pay for the upload, or at any time from your FileWhopper account, but only once, while the file is being stored on our servers. Please note that you may not purchase 14 additional days of storage and file insurance for the same transfer, simply because insurance already includes an extended storage period.
  • The next step is to upload your large data using the FileWhopper app, available in your personal account after payment goes through. Once the file starts uploading, you can share the download link with your recipient(s) right away. The link will be available in the app and in your personal account. Remember to give the recipient your file password along with the download link. Once the file starts uploading, there is a lifespan of 14 days, after which it is completely deleted from the server.
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