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How to get a refund for your purchase

If you are unhappy with FileWhopper for whatever reason, or if something goes wrong during your large file transfer on a business account, you can always reach us via the Contact Us form.

We’ll do our best to answer your question or fix the issue as soon as possible. If your problem can’t be resolved, or if you simply changed your mind about your purchase, you can claim a refund.

Our Refund Policy is described in the Terms of Use, and here are its key points:

Refund for the upload

Full refunds are provided within 3 calendar days of payment for one of the following reasons:

- There was no way to transfer data using the business account due to FileWhopper's fault, such as server issues that prevented or interrupted data transfer;

- You changed your mind and decided not to transfer any data or use this business account, AND there were no transfers started yet.

Also, a 25% refund can be issued at the User’s request if there were no downloads within 14 days of when the file started uploading.

Each additional service may only be purchased once per transfer. If a service has been purchased and later refunded, it may not be re-purchased for the same transfer.

If a partial or full refund has been made for the Extras combo service, you may not purchase the 14 additional days of storage service, and vice versa: if a partial or full refund has been made for the 14 additional days of storage service, the Extras combo service may not be purchased for the same transfer.

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