FileWhopper Help

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From time to time, FileWhopper runs promotions where one can get a coupon (a discount code). If you’ve received one of our coupons, please follow this short guide to apply your discount.

Step 1

Go to the FileWhopper homepage and upload your file or folder for a transfer price quote. Depending on your browser, the page may have one of these 2 designs:

Use the homepage to upload your file or folder for transfer cost estimation

Step 2

Check to make sure the transfer data is correct on the prepayment page. You may also choose additional services for your transfer here. Please note that free transfer coupons will not cover the cost of any additional services you choose.

Step 3

Log in to your FileWhopper account or register and press the CONFIRM & PAY button. You can also check all your active coupons at this stage by clicking on the ‘Check my coupons’ link.

Check your FileWhopper transfer data and press the Confirm & Pay button

Step 4

Click the link to add your coupon on the checkout page

Use the ‘Add coupon’ link to add your discount coupon

Your discount will be applied once you enter the coupon code and press the ‘Add Coupon’ button.

Enter your coupon code and press the ‘Add Coupon’ button to apply the transfer discount

Feel free to contact us at in case you need any assistance with applying your discount coupon.