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FileWhopper allows payments to be made by either the file sender or the recipient. You simply choose the option you need during checkout. This is how it works:

The sender chooses a file or folder for the upload, selects additional services and checks the total price of the transfer. After that, they go to the Order summary column on the right and click either the CONFIRM & PAY button, if the transfer is to be paid for by the sender, or the INVOICE RECIPIENT button, if it’s the recipient who will need to pay.

Choose the FileWhopper file or folder transfer payment method on the prepayment page

If the sender clicks on the CONFIRM & PAY button, they will be redirected to the payment service. Once the payment goes through, they’ll be able to upload the file and send the download link and password to the recipient.

Click the 'Confirm and pay' button if you want to pay for the file or folder transfer yourself

If the INVOICE RECIPIENT button is clicked, the sender will need to enter the recipient's name and email address. FileWhopper will email the payment link to the recipient. When the payment goes through, the sender will get a notification that they can start uploading the file or folder.

Choose the 'Invoice recipient' option if you want the file/folder recipient to pay for the transfer
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