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By default, you have 1 download of your file or folder and 14 days of storage. This means that your file/folder is safely stored for up to 14 days on our server and is completely deleted from the server as soon as it's downloaded by the recipient.

You can always check the remaining storage time in your personal account.

If you want your file to be stored longer, we recommend purchasing additional services. With additional services, your file/folder will be stored for an extended time (up to 90 days). As soon as the extended storage period is over, your file/folder will be completely deleted.

If you did not purchase any additional services when making payment for the upload, you can still purchase any of them in your online FileWhopper account at any time, but only once, while the file is being stored on our servers. Please note that you may not purchase 14 additional days of storage and Extras combo for the same transfer.

If you ordered a free transfer, there is an option to completely delete your transfer from your personal account.

Free file or folder transfers can be manually deleted on the personal account page
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Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Contact Us