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Errors or issues during file or folder upload with the FileWhopper app

The FileWhopper app is a quick and efficient tool to send large files and folders over the web. You can send large video files, folders with various types of data, applications — all without a monthly subscription. Transmitting files and folders of any size with the FileWhopper app becomes a breeze if you keep some tips in mind.

Tips on avoiding errors and issues while sending large files via the FileWhopper App

To prevent the most common errors when uploading your files and folders with the FileWhopper app, please make sure you follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not move or change your file or folder while uploading.
  • In order to be approved for a transfer, your folder should not contain over 3000 files.
  • To upload a folder, make sure you have administrative rights to its contents.
  • Do not change folder contents during the upload.

Here are some examples of the frequently encountered errors in the upload app:

Below, we will give you tips on what to do when you encounter these issues. We’ll also show you how to avoid these errors in the future.

Incorrect password

It is vital that the file owner saves the password that is automatically generated in the upload app, or which they create manually. FileWhopper does not have access to the password and it is never stored on FileWhopper’s servers. The file or folder recipient will be unable to download the transmitted data without the password, which is why we offer the sender to save the download link and password as a .txt file on their desktop. By default, the file is named ‘Your foldername download link and password.txt’. Saving the password as a .txt file is optional, but having the password is mandatory for data download.

The password can be 6 to 64 characters long. If the sender decides to manually create a password, it should fit the length requirements, otherwise an error message will be displayed. Once the upload has started, the sender can copy and share the download link and the password with the file/folder recipient. The app supports simultaneous upload and download, so the recipient can start downloading the data before the upload is complete.

You can set your own password 6-64 characters long to ensure transferred data privacy

The selected file or folder is not the one you have paid for

“The selected file (folder) doesn’t match the one you were charged for. Please select the same file (folder) to proceed.”

This error appears when the sender selects a different file or folder for upload and not the one that was used to get the price quote and make payment. The size of the file (folder) and the name should also match. In order to proceed, the sender can only choose the file or folder that was initially intended for this particular transfer.

You need to select exactly the same file or folder you initially intended to transfer

No Internet connection

“It seems there is no Internet connection at the moment. Please check your network settings. The upload will proceed automatically as soon as the issue is resolved.”

If you see this error, it means that the Internet connection was lost. Don’t worry, you won’t have to start your upload from the beginning. The process will simply go into standby mode and will resume once connection is re-established.

If your Internet goes down, FileWhopper app will automatically resume the transfer later

In cases when Internet connection is lost for an extended period of time, you will probably notice the app making several attempts to resume the transfer. If you know that the connection has been re-established, you can click the “TRY NOW” button for the app to make another attempt.

You can click the “TRY NOW” button to resume the file or folder upload manually

Server issues

"It seems there’s a problem with our server, but our technicians are already working to fix it. The upload will continue automatically as soon as the issue is resolved. If the problem persists, please contact our support team using the online form."

If you see this error message, there is no need to take any action. Do not close or delete the app. Simply give it some time and the upload will resume automatically once the issue is fixed. If the problem persists, submit a support request to get assistance.

If the server is unavailable, just wait till the file or folder transfer automatically resumes

The folder contains locked files

The app may tell you that the files you are trying to upload are locked:

“The folder may not be uploaded, as it contains locked files. If these files are used by another Windows program, please stop the corresponding process and hit CONTINUE to proceed with your upload. For more info, please see the Transferring an entire system drive article. Contact us for further help.”

You will see this error message if some of the files in the folder that you are trying to upload are in use by another application. Check all the programs that may be using the file and stop all the corresponding processes. Then, click the CONTINUE button. For more information on this issue,check out the Transferring an entire system drive post.

Make sure the files you want to transfer are not in use by another application

File or folder upload was deleted

“Sorry, this upload has been deleted. Possible reasons: moved by user, refund processed, payment failed, or similar. You may check transfer details in your online FileWhopper account or contact us for help.“

This error message signifies that, for some reason, your transfer was deleted. Several factors may be behind this, including a refund being processed, a failed payment, a cancelled free transfer, and more. Please note that free transfers can only be cancelled in your personal account. You can see the details of your transfer in your FileWhopper account under See Details.

Several reasons may result in message “Upload unavailable” displayed for file or folder transfer

Removable storage device was unplugged during file or folder upload

“Looks like the removable storage device you are uploading from was unplugged during upload. Try restarting the FileWhopper app after reconnecting the device. If the upload does not resume, please contact support for further assistance.”

This error message shows up when you upload from an external storage source (like a USB flash drive) and it gets disconnected. If you see this error message, reconnect the storage device and restart the FileWhopper app. To prevent this error from occurring, make sure that your external storage device is properly connected throughout the upload process.

If you see this error message, make sure your external device is properly connected

Upload failed

“Your upload failed!”

This error message often means that your storage period has expired. Click the button below to see more details on your transfer status.”

This error occurs when your storage period has expired. User data is stored on FileWhopper’s servers for 14 days after the upload has begun. Now, once that period expires, the data will be deleted from the app’s servers unless you purchase additional storage time.

“Your upload failed!” message is displayed if the file or folder storage period has expired

We hope the tips above have been helpful. We are constantly working to ensure that with FileWhopper you are getting the best way to send large files and folders online. If you have any more questions on how to send large video files, folders or other data, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

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