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Errors or issues during file or folder upload via a web browser

FileWhopper is a quick and easy way to send large files and folders over the web without a monthly fee-based subscription. You can send large video files, folders with various types of data, and applications directly from your browser. We’ve made the upload process as simple as possible, but there is still a minor chance that an error message may pop up. In this article, we’ll give you some tips on avoiding browser upload errors, and provide instructions on possible ways to resolve them.

Tips on avoiding errors and issues while uploading large files directly from your browser with FileWhopper

  • Upload the same file that you used to calculate price and create order.
  • Do not move or change your file while uploading.
  • If you paused your upload and closed the browser, you will have to select the path to your file once again to resume your upload.
  • Make sure you get FileWhopper emails. They can be very handy (e.g. they can warn you that your data transfer is about to expire or that your file has been successfully downloaded). 

Possible errors and ways to resolve them

‘Please select the right file to upload’

You’ll get this error message if the file you selected for your upload is different from the file you used when creating your order. Just close the pop-up with this message and select the correct file to proceed.

If you see this message, please select the file for upload once again and make sure it’s the same file you used for price calculation.

‘Upload already started’

If you see this error message, it means you are already uploading this file from another tab, browser or device, so there’s no need to select the file one more time.

If you see this message, you are already uploading this file from another tab, browser or device.

‘Your storage period has expired’

Getting this error message means your file’s storage period is over and the data has been deleted from FileWhopper servers.

Please keep in mind that by default you have 14 days of file storage that can be extended to up to 90 days by purchasing additional services. You can purchase these extras at any time before the file has been deleted. We also send you an email with a link to extend storage 3 days prior to storage time expiration, so make sure you receive our emails or keep track of the storage time left on your FileWhopper account page.

If you see this message, your storage period is over and your file has been deleted from the FileWhopper servers.

‘There was an error with your upload’

If you see this message, check that you did not open the file you are uploading, and make sure your Internet connection is good and stable.

Most likely, you will see this error message if your Internet was down, or if you have altered or opened the file you are uploading. No worries, just close the error message, check your Internet connection, close the file if it has been opened, undo any changes if they’ve been made after you started the upload. Once everything is fixed, select the path to your file once again to continue uploading.

If all of the above has been ruled out as the error cause, or if you are experiencing a different issue, please contact our Support Team. Describe your problem and attach a picture of the error message you are seeing to receive prompt assistance.

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