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How to get more than one uploader app for a business account

You may have the need to install more than one app if you have several computers or want another person to upload a file or folder on your behalf.

To get another app, just go to your personal account page (ссылка на ЛК) on the FileWhopper website and download the uploader app for Windows or MacOS.

Alt: You can get another FileWhopper Uploader app from your personal account page

Install the app on the other machine, and that’s it! While it’s really easy to get another uploader app, we’d like to give you some points to keep in mind before doing it:

- You can’t start an upload from one app and continue it from another one, so make sure you can finish the upload on the computer where it was started
- The uploader app can give you information only on the uploads that were started on this machine. You won’t be able to see, manage or get a download link or password for the uploads running in another uploader app copy. By going to your online FileWhopper account, you will be able to see all your file transfers and download links, but not the passwords or file/folder names.
- Each uploader app copy can run an unlimited number of data transfers within the prepaid quota in your account. So, if you install the uploader app on another person’s computer, there’s no way you can limit or control their use of your business account quota.

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