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The FileWhopper App’s upload speed primarily depends on your bandwidth. You should consider that the FileWhopper App is not the only program on your computer that uses the Internet, so in order to ensure the highest possible upload speed on your machine we recommend that you:

  • check your connection speed (use any service that is designed to measure it, like
  • hold off on watching online videos and uploading or downloading any other data
  • refrain from surfing social networks or looking at photos on the web while the upload is still in progress
  • temporarily disable other apps that consume too much traffic

When starting the upload of your file or folder, the app reads data from your drive, encrypts it and prepares for upload. Data preparation is an important step that’s required for our system to ensure the integrity and safety of the transferred data. The speed of this process is influenced by data fragmentation. To speed up the pre-upload phase, we recommend getting your files defragmented.

Hardware on your computer can also interfere with your upload, but normally its effect is minimal compared to the Internet speed and traffic used. So if your internet speed is adequate and you have a fast processor, then your upload speed is probably at the optimal.