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How to upload a file or folder using a FileWhopper business account

With a FileWhopper business account, you can send large files or folders right from the app on your computer. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions to upload a file or folder. You will see that the service is very easy to use.

Step 1 (Just for your first transfer on this computer)

If this is your first upload from this computer, you’ll need to install the FileWhopper app that will facilitate your uploads. Just go to your online FileWhopper account, download, install and launch the FileWhopper app.

If it’s not your first transfer from this computer, just launch the FileWhopper Uploader app you’ve previously installed.

Step 2

Log in to the app with your business account username and password.

Step 3

Click the START NEW UPLOAD button to start a file or folder transfer.

Step 4

Choose a password that will ensure data security, and click the PROCEED WITH UPLOAD button when done.

Step 5

Choose the file or folder you want to send. You can send any types of files or folders within your available prepaid quota. If your data doesn’t fit within the available quota, you can purchase additional space by clicking on the ‘+’ sign.

Once you’ve selected the right file or folder, click the START NEW UPLOAD button to start uploading.

Please note that it may take a while to send a huge file or folder, but you can pause and resume your upload at any time.

Step 6

Look at your app’s home screen to see all active uploads you have running at the moment. The FileWhopper app can process multiple data transfers at the same time, so if you need some file sent urgently, be sure to pause all other uploads to give priority to your urgent file.

Copy the download link and password, and share this information with your recipient so they can download the data. No need to wait till the upload is complete: the recipient can start downloading your files while they are still uploading!

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