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Transfer files online with no size limits

Choose your file or folder and get the exact price for your transfer
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then you can use our batch option and send your files for less.
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Save on transfers with a Business package
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Why FileWhopper?
Top safety

We use zero-knowledge encryption to transfer files. This method ensures that the user has exclusive access to the password.

Only you have the password and the download link, and you have the liberty of choosing your own means of keeping or sharing it.

Flexible usage model

We do not place any unexpected charges on your account, unlike other cloud storage services. You only pay for the files when you actually send them.

Keep your FileWhopper account for as long as you want and use it as needed.

Time saved

Unlike with other services, FileWhopper’s tiny app lets you download the data while it is still uploading.

With simultaneous upload and download, the transfer goes twice faster, and the app deletes itself when its mission is over.

No size limits

Send files or folders of ANY SIZE in a few clicks. 100GB, 500GB or even 10TB — we can send it all, with no compression needed!

Send files of any size
We don’t have any size restrictions, while other services do. With no compression needed.
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What is FileWhopper?

FileWhopper is a project by a well-established Australian software company. Created by a team of passionate IT professionals, it was designed to solve one of the biggest problems people face when trying to send files over the web: the notorious FILE TOO LARGE issue. In plain words, FileWhopper helps when you need to send a very big file to someone, and no other service lets you do it without having to buy a monthly storage plan. WITH FILEWHOPPER, YOU CAN TRANSFER ANY FILE OR FOLDER WITH NO SIZE LIMITS.

In plain words, FileWhopper helps when you need to send a very big file to someone, and no other service lets you do it without having to buy a monthly storage plan. WITH FILEWHOPPER, YOU CAN TRANSFER ANY FILE OR FOLDER WITH NO SIZE LIMITS.

FileWhopper has a simple interface that doesn’t bombard you with tons of options you don’t need. The service provides top-level data security through the use of zero-knowledge encryption.

How it works
  • How to start a file transfer

    Start a new file transfer right now with no subscription and no unexpected charges. It's very fast and easy.

  • How to upload files using a browser

    Take a look at how you can securely transfer any files of up to 20 GB via a web browser. Please don't forget to save and share your transfer password with the recipient.

  • How to upload files using a desktop app

    You can always pause the transfer if you have to restart your computer or switch to another task that needs Internet traffiс. Resume the transfer anytime without losing progress.

Find more information about how FileWhopper works here

How are files uploaded/downloaded?

First, you choose the file or folder you want to send, and upload it to FileWhopper to get a price quote based on file size. After that, either upload your data directly from your browser (this option is only available for files under 20GB) or download a tiny app that will facilitate the upload (this option is available for all FileWhopper data transfers). You set a password and get a link to the file/folder you uploaded, which you need to copy and share with the recipient. The recipient will use the link and password to download the file/folder directly from their browser, or via a tiny app that will delete itself once download is complete.

Why is FileWhopper better than other popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and such?

Cloud storage services like OneDrive and Google Drive, are a better choice if you need to store or collaborate on files and folders. OneDrive and Google Drive are part of large interconnected ecosystems that can make your whole collaboration process effortless.

When is it better to use the FileWhopper file sharing service? Of course, everything depends on your needs. FileWhopper is a great innovative service for sharing large files and folders (of any size). So, if you need to send a 200GB or larger folder with your photos and videos to your friend in another country, you probably won’t find a better option. The best thing about FileWhopper is that it is a pay-as-you-go service and you won’t need to commit to a monthly or annual subscription. You can transfer files and folders of any size, you won’t need to compress them, and your transfer will resume automatically after Internet connection drops (no data will be lost).

FileWhopper offers the strongest available security for your transfers, including zero-knowledge encryption.

How long does it take to transfer 100GB?

The FileWhopper app simplifies the process of file upload/download and ensures the highest possible upload and download speeds by using multi-threaded data transfer technology. The transfer speed depends on the connection you use to upload or download files, thus we cannot tell the exact time required to transfer a 100GB file.

Keep in mind that FileWhopper is not the only service that uses the Internet on your computer, so in order to ensure the highest possible upload speed for it, we recommend that you:

- check your connection speed (use any service that is designed to measure it, like For any transfer, you need to have an Upload/Download speed of at least 10Mb/s

- hold off on watching online videos and uploading or downloading any other data

- refrain from surfing social networks or looking at photos on the web while the upload is still in progress

- temporarily disable other apps that consume too much traffic

The app supports simultaneous upload and download, so you can share the download link as soon as the upload starts.

What is the price to send a file?

The price depends on the file size. You can check it by uploading your file or folder, the system will calculate the cost of transfer based on your file size. Getting a quote takes a couple of seconds and does not require you to commit to anything.

Any rules to stick to while uploading my big file?

While your file is uploading:

  • Do not remove or change your file’s location
  • In order to be approved for a transfer, your folder should not contain over 3000 files.
  • To upload a folder, make sure you have administrative rights to its contents.
  • Do not change folder contents during the upload.
If something goes wrong, do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do issue refunds.

Full refunds (regular price + additional services if paid for) are provided within 3 calendar days of payment for one of the following reasons:

  • File or folder could not be sent due to's fault, such as server issues that prevented or interrupted data transfer
  • You changed your mind and decided not to send the file/folder, AND it has not actually been uploaded yet.

Also, a 25% refund can be issued upon the User’s request in case there were no downloads within 14 days after the file started uploading.

But there is an exception. Files or folders may be uploaded after payment is made. The upload process must be completed within 14 days. After that, eligibility for a refund expires. You may refer to our full Refund Policy in the Terms of Use.

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