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Send files or folders of ANY SIZE in a few clicks!

100GB, 500GB or even 10TB - we can send it all, with no compression needed!
One-time payment: pay only when you actually use FileWhopper
Zero-knowledge encryption ensures top-level data protection
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FileWhopper: simple and secure!
  • Pay as you go for only what you send: no subscriptions or monthly payments
    Transparent pricing, depends on the file or folder size.
  • Zero-knowledge encryption means no one can decrypt your file
    Your files are double-protected with your own password that never reaches FileWhopper’s servers.
  • Simple interface: no unneeded options or annoying ads
    Upload your files and send the download link and password to your recipient. It’s that simple.
  • Transfer folders without compressing
    Stop wasting your time on zipping them, seriously.
  • No headache with deleting data
    Files get automatically deleted once downloaded. They are no longer on our server, and nobody can access them anymore.
What industry experts say about FileWhopper
"It’s an appealing option if you want to transfer large files and folders to someone else, without having to sign up for a monthly subscription to a cloud storage service."
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"Instead of being a place where you can store your files, it serves as a sort of a halfway-point to transfer files between you and another person, leaving no data traces behind afterward."
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"New service FileWhopper is working to combat the painful, costly experience of transferring large files over the web."
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Transfer using FileWhopper easily and fast
How to start a file transfer
Start a new file transfer right now with no subscription and no unexpected charges. It's very fast and easy.
How to upload files using a browser
Take a look at how you can securely transfer any files of up to 20 GB via a web browser. Please don't forget to save and share your transfer password with the recipient.
How to upload files using a desktop app
You can always pause the transfer if you have to restart your computer or switch to another task that needs Internet traffiс. Resume the transfer anytime without losing progress.
What you get with FileWhopper?
File types files or folders, no compression needed
Size per 1 transfer any, up to 10TB
Format types any
Price depends on a size
Payment type pay as you go
Encryption type zero-knowledge, protected with user-generated password
Subscriptions and plans none
Storage time up to 3 months (choose when starting transfer)
Available downloads up to 6 (choose when starting transfer)
Simultaneous uploads
and downloads
Upload with your browser or the FileWhopper app
Personal support available to all
How it works
Get an immediate quote in just one click
Select a file or folder you want to transfer and get an accurate size estimation in less than 5 seconds!
Upload your files using our tiny desktop app
Our app ensures top transfer speed and security. It will automatically delete itself after its job is done.
Share the link with your recipient
Once the upload begins, you will have the download link and will be able to send it right away.
Easily transfer big files with FileWhopper and pay only for what you send!
FileWhopper vs. Cloud Storage Services*
FileWhopper Dropbox OneDrive Google Drive Box
Best for Sending large files and folders at a reasonable price Lightweight users Devoted Windows users Teams and collaborations Enterprise solutions
Max size
per file
No limits 2 GB 100 GB Limited by storage plan 5 GB
Pay-as-you-go Monthly subscription Monthly subscription Monthly subscription Monthly subscription
Cheapest option $0.99 $9.99/month (paid annualy) $1.99/month $1.99/month $5/month (paid annualy)
Security Zero-knowledge
256-bit and
SSL/TLS encryption
256-bit and
SSL/TLS encryption
(business accounts)
256-bit and
128-bit AES keys
256-bit AES
and TLS 1.2 encryption
This information is valid at the time of writing. Please contact the providers for current prices and conditions.
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