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September 7, 2017

6 Amazing Time-Saving Tips for Windows 10

Want to know how to get things done much quicker using Windows 10? There are some secret features in Windows that are not so easy to find at first sight. With our 6 quick tips you will easily find them and put them to use like a pro.

There definitely is a way to do everything quicker in Windows 10. These ‘secret’ tricks are usually something a user stumbles upon by accident, as you need to know keyboard shortcuts and special services.

Here are some easy to remember tricks that will be saving you time from now on.

Tip 1: Using Cortana - intelligent personal assistant

Are you familiar with Cortana? This digital personal assistant can be used for launching apps and for quickly finding the files you need. Just type a request in the Search box and Cortana will do its job. You can even set alarms and reminders without opening a separate app.

Tip 2: Manage multiple open apps

In Windows 10 it is very easy to manage multiple apps that are open simultaneously, because there is support for virtual Desktops. All you need is to move an app to its own Desktop. Follow these steps: press Windows + Tab and you will see the three default Desktops.

You can switch quickly between Desktops by pressing Windows + Ctrl +  Left or Right mouse key.

Tip 3: Sending large files with FileWhopper

Don’t know how to send large files over the internet without the transmission taking forever? Try to send big files with the FileWhopper software. This service guarantees secure file transfer. It is very easy: just upload your file with no size limit. An added bonus if the fact that FileWhopper’s data transfer speed is very high due to the service using multi threaded data transfer technology.

Tip 4: The Print to PDF option

There is a faster option in Windows 10 for saving web pages. The first step is to start printing a page just as if you were going to use a printer. When you get to print settings, choose the Print to PDF option from the Printer drop-down list. This option lets you easily save the page with all formatting preserved.

Tip 5: Long-life laptop battery

Windows 10 has a Battery Saver mode that gets automatically enabled when your laptop is unplugged.

Follow these steps to review and/or change Battery Saver settings: Start -> Settings -> System -> Battery saver

Here you will be able to see all apps and the amount of battery power they are using. Want to prevent Windows 10 from limiting activity for some apps? No problem! Add them to the exclusions list.

Tip 6: More manageable multiple windows

We know that it is a pain to click between windows or browse through the content when you are working with two or more windows open at the same time. Good news! In Windows 10 you can go to Start -> Settings -> Devices -> Mouse & touchpad and just enable the “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” option. After you do this, you will be able to move the mouse over the another window without deselecting the current window. By the way, you will even be able to continue typing in it.

If we have missed any other handy hidden features in Windows 10, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Stu Mountjoy

    I found the “SFTP” interesting. Bit like adding the ‘s’ onto HTTP, LOL.