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April 26, 2019
Hanna Welch

How to Send a File with Twitter

Probably you already have a Twitter account and know that Twitter was created for publishing short tweets containing interesting information to engage your followers. But also, on this social media, you can send messages to share tweets, media and more! Yeah, you can send a file to other people registered on Twitter. Just click “Messages”, then choose to start a conversation and enter the Twitter nickname of the person you want to send a message. This could be more than one person. After choosing the recipients, you will see the main window for chatting. It provides options for sharing photos and videos. Also, you can add a GIF to your message.

Today we are going to discuss how to share different files in Twitter via messages and tweets.

Supported Media and File Size Limits for Sharing in Twitter Messages

How big a file can you send on Twitter? Of course, there are limits on the size of the attachment files like in Facebook or Telegram. Let’s check out Twitter’s guide for developers. It says that the size of the attached image or photo file must be equal to or less than 5 MB and that of the attached animated GIF is supposed to be 15 MB or less. In Twitter messages, you can send JPG, PNG, GIF and WEBP files.

Let’s highlight one more detail about GIF files that can be shared on Twitter. For the successful sharing of a GIF file, it should be about 1280×1080.

For sharing large files, it is better to use cloud storage services. This way you won’t face problems with the file size limit.

We recommend using the file sharing service FileWhopper for sending really large files. First, transferring a file of up to 5GB in size will be free, and the best thing about FileWhopper is that you don’t need to buy a monthly subscription plan: just pay a one-time fee depending on the file size.

How to Share Documents on Twitter

Now let’s talk about adding media files to your tweets so that you can share them with all your followers. After clicking the button for creating a new tweet, you can add media files. There are options to add photo, video and GIF files. This is quite easy: just upload the file you want to share to your tweet from your computer or mobile device. Remember about the limits! For example, the video file you want to share via a tweet should not be larger than 512MB.

But what to do if you want to share a document or PDF?

Let’s discuss…

How to Share Document Files in Tweets

To be able to share a document file in a tweet, you need to save it in the “Web Page” format. How to do this and then share the document in a tweet?

Follow these easy steps:

  • Open your document;
  • Click on the Microsoft symbol in the top left corner of the screen;
  • Choose “Save As”;
  • In the drop-down menu, find “Web Page”;
  • Save the file;
  • Double-click on the file after saving it in the new format;
  • When you see the file in your Web browser, highlight the URL;
  • Paste the link into your tweet and then click “Tweet” to publish the tweet.

Very important: only those who have access to the drive to which you saved the file could open it. So before sharing a document file in a tweet, double-check that your receivers will be able to open it.

How to Share a PDF in a Tweet

Another way to share a document file is to convert it to the PDF format. Open your document in Microsoft Word, then click on “Save As” and choose “PDF” from the drop-down menu. For sharing a PDF file in a tweet, you can use image hosting websites because a PDF file is an image. PDF files can also be uploaded to online file sharing websites, which will provide a link to the file after uploading.

Remember that before uploading and sharing a file, you need to register and create your personal account on the website. Also, there are some limits for free plans.

After creating an account, you can upload your PDF copy of the file to the image sharing website. Then copy and paste the direct link into your tweet. Click the button “Tweet” to share your tweet with the link to the PDF file in it. Now anyone will be able to view your PDF file.

If you like this article, you may find other articles about Twitter on the FileWhopper blog useful.

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