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July 22, 2020

Here is How to Legally Watch Videos on the Internet for Free Using APK

Read this article if you would like to learn how to watch movies for free legally using APK.

Would you like to know how to watch movies for free legally? This post suggests some popular streaming APKs that you might be interested to try. You can stream Live TV, movies, TV shows, and a lot more.

How to Use APK to Watch Online Videos for Free

Many of the video streaming APKs mentioned here can be installed on any device of your choice, including a jailbroken Firestick. An Amazon Firestick is the most popular streaming device on the market today and is used by millions of people. It has side-loading capabilities and is very affordable.  

It is advisable to use a VPN to protect your identity when using the apps suggested in this post to stream free movies and TV shows. 

What Is APK?

If you use an Android device, then you must have downloaded, installed, or transferred an APK file at some point. APK is short for Android Package Kit. Android operating systems use this package file format to distribute and install mobile apps, just as the Windows operating system uses .exe files for installing software. You can install an APK on many devices, including the popular Amazon Fire Stick.

It is legal to use and install most APKs. However, some may provide illegal content. Therefore, while using the services we’ve listed below, make sure that you are not streaming illegally. Only watch TV shows and movies in the public domain.

What are Best APKs for Free Movies?

Here are some of the best legal free TV Show apps you can try:

  • Cinema APK

Cinema APK is considered the best Terrarium TV alternative. It has been gaining increasing popularity and it’s not hard to see the reason why: Cinema is an easy-to-use streaming APK that works well and extremely fast on many devices. It offers an attractive library of movies and TV shows. You can access thousands of titles—all arranged in categories and genres to facilitate the screening process. It offers links in high quality, with most videos available in 1080p HD.

Cinema APK integrates and Real-Debrid, thus providing users with the best streaming experience.

  • CyberFlix TV

After Terrarium TV was discontinued in the fall of 2018, many forks have been created, but only a few could go the distance. If you enjoyed using the Terrarium TV APK, then you will find CyberFlix TV to be the perfect alternative. It is a good replica of Terrarium TV. What’s more, it is here to stay.

The CyberFlix TV’s APK provides the best experience when integrated with Real-Debrid. However, you will need to create a Real-Debrid account. Otherwise, you will have fewer sources or links available and won’t enjoy a high-quality streaming experience. CyberFlix allows you to add subtitles and to use an external video player. You can even get the latest version of MX Player. 

  • TeaTV

TeaTV APK has been available for quite some time and is considerably popular. It has a recent update – Version 10.0 in which previous bugs have been resolved. You have a vast selection of movies and TV shows available for streaming, and there are lots of streaming links.

TeaTV provides an attractive set of functionalities, including subtitles, content downloads, and the option to add items to a favorites list. You can use an external player, including MX Player. The APK integrates Real-Debrid and Trakt. 

  • Kodi

Kodi is a popular go-to for free movies and TV shows. However, it requires that you install additional 3rd party add-ons before you can get the free content. For this reason, some users don’t consider the app an APK. But it is, since it has an Android application.

Installing Kodi on most Android devices is easy. You can get it on the Google Play Store. You can also install the app on Fire TV/Stick.

  • Stremio

You will need to sign up before you can use Stremio. This enables your content to be synced across your devices, allowing you to access it on any platform. However, if you are worried about your privacy, you can use a VPN to sign in anonymously and enjoy your streaming. 

Just like Kodi, Stremio offers add-ons that you can install in order to get more movies, TV shows, and more. The best add-on available is a torrent add-on. So, you might want to turn on your VPN before using this app.

  • ZiniTevi

ZiniTevi is another new APK for streaming videos. It offers a vast collection of movies and TV shows. An attractive user interface and one-click play selections are some of its best features. The user interface looks similar to what’s obtainable on Fire TV devices. You can use ZeniTevi on most streaming devices, including Apple, Android, Fire TV, and Firestick. The app enjoys a large following in the streaming community and has been receiving a lot of praise.

  • CatMouse APK

CatMouse is a new streaming APK. You will love it if you are a fan of Terrarium TV. It is an improved Terrarium TV clone. While it has the same features and interface, it has updated content. You can access tons of links and won’t have to deal with annoying ads. It includes Real-Debrid and Trakt.

  • Typhoon TV

Typhoon is yet another Terrarium TV clone. It works quite like CyberFlix TV. You can access hundreds of high-quality links and there are many settings options to boot.

Unlike other forks/clones of Terrarium TV, Typhoon allows you to enjoy high-quality links whether or not you use Real-Debrid. But users say that using Real-Debrid makes the streaming experience better.

Typhoon currently displays no ads. It works well regardless of your device. You can use the APK on Amazon Firesticks and Android TV Boxes.

  • Viva TV

Viva TV is another new streaming app that has been gaining some popularity. It integrates Trakt and Real-Debrid and offers lots of interesting features, including an external player, subtitles, and more. The APK has a unique interface and provides tons of HD links, including 1080p and 4k. You will enjoy your movies and TV shows in high definition. Viva TV is a good choice for all your streaming needs.

  • BeeTV

BeeTV has a very attractive interface and is very easy to use. Its layout is quite similar to that of CyberFlix TV or Terrarium TV. Aside from that, its APK supports Takt and Real-Debrid.  The internal media player works nicely, but you can also use MX Player. You can view trailers and download movies and TV shows.

  • TVZion

TVZion is a fairly new streaming APK, which has been updated recently for a better user experience. It offers tons of movies and TV shows for your viewing pleasure. Users find its auto-play feature very appealing – it is one of its best features, which helps save you the trouble of doing a trial and error in trying to find a working source. Sometimes, however, you might prefer to turn off auto-play. Some users find that the app works best that way.

TVZion supports MX Player, which means that you can add subtitles when watching your movie or TV show. The app also integrates Trakt and Real-Debrid.

  • Nova TV

Nova TV is fairly recent to the streaming scene. It is also a Terrarium TV clone. You can access thousands of movies and TV shows. You will enjoy the app better with MX player. The default media player does not provide the best experience. Nova TV integrates Trakt and Real-Debrid and works great on most streaming devices, including Android TV Boxes, Fire TV, and Fire Stick. Users enjoy this app because it’s easy to integrate other features and provides lots of quality streaming links.

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Did you find this article useful? Don’t forget to leave us a comment to let us know which of the APKs you use for streaming videos or how you prefer to share large video files online. Your opinion is very important to us!

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