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How to Transfer Any Large File or Folder Without Compressing It

When it comes to transferring large files, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is compressing them. Read on to find out how to transfer large files without compression.

When we need to transfer a large number of heavyweight files, the first thing we think about is compressing them. It does the two things that are necessary for a successful file transfer: it reduces the final size and collects all the files into one archive folder that is treated by a file transfer service as a single file.

However, there are several things about file compression that make it problematic:

  • The larger the total number of files (and the more heavyweight they are), the more resources your computer will need to perform the compression operation. It also takes a lot of time and a bit of your patience as if your computer is not that powerful, its performance will be slowed down significantly during the process.
  • Second, everything that gets compressed will need to get decompressed — or, extracted. While there is a lot of software that simplifies the process of file extraction, not every user is familiar with how it works or will want to go through the trouble.
  • Third, errors may and do occur during file extraction. An extraction error may not lead to anything serious — but there are substantial risks. Files may become unencrypted as they are unpacked, which may lead to the leak of personal data or other sensitive information. A coding flaw may also lead to the loss of data or result in damaged files and folders that are unreadable to the recipient.

So, the good news is that there is a way to transfer large files and folders without compression at all. FileWhopper lets users just select a huge file or folder and transfer it without any kind of compression. The downloaded file or folder will not be compressed either.

Let’s have a quick look at how to use FileWhopper:

  • Go to and choose the file/folder you need to transfer. Don’t worry, it’s not going to start the actual transfer right now. The system will only analyze the size of your file or folder and give you a price quote.
  • The next step will require a couple of minutes as you’ll need to register to proceed with your transfer. The procedure goes quickly as the only thing you need to do is retrieve the confirmation code from your inbox.
How to complete the order of a folder transfer. You have an order summary in your personal account.

You can make the payment either by card or via PayPal.

  • Right after the payment, you will be automatically redirected to your personal account. You’ll need to download the FileWhopper App first to proceed with your transfer.  It is also possible to make an upload directly using a browser. Well, there are several facts you should consider:
  • The FileWhopper App is pretty straightforward. Just choose the same file or folder you've chosen on the website to get your price quote. It’s extremely important that you choose exactly the same thing, otherwise the app will not allow you to proceed.
The FileWhopper App: selecting the folder’s location to start the upload process.
  • That's it. As the process starts, you can just minimize the app and relax while the job is being done for you. If the connection gets lost, the upload will be paused and the app will automatically resume your transfer when the connection is back.
The FileWhopper App: a warning that the Internet connection was lost during the upload process.

If your computer restarts, the app will also resume its work when the system turns on.

  • As soon as the upload is completed successfully, you’ll see the download link. Actually, this link is available from the very beginning of the upload process. So your recipient can start downloading your file or folder as soon as you start uploading it. Don’t forget to provide your recipient with the password for decrypting your file or folder as well and be careful not to lose it because the FileWhopper support will not help you restore it as the password is stored on your side.
The FileWhopper App: the folder has been successfully uploaded and the download link and password can be shared.

My laptop is not a new one and obviously can’t perform a large number of tasks smoothly. With the help of FileWhopper, I saved a lot of time for productive work while the transfer job was being done automatically. I didn’t have to wait for a few hours to get my 205GB folder compressed, and it is definitely a good idea to use this service when it comes to transferring large files and folders.

FileWhopper’s Business Solution will launch very soon! What are the differences with the personal plan though - you might ask. Think of the Personal account as a pay-as-you-go option, designed for occasional use without monthly fees or commitments. But the Business Solution caters to frequent file senders, offering both exceptional pricing and convenience.

The Business Solution allows you to buy a set amount of data and make multiple transfers within that limit. Plus, you can skip the hassle of visiting the website each time, as the app lets you upload directly. And, most importantly, it saves you money! With the Business Solution you can save up to 30%

Apart from the above perks, you will get extended file storage of 14 days, as well as 5 additional downloads!

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