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January 11, 2021

Some Interesting Telegram Bots to Use in Your Group

Read this article to learn how to revive a Telegram group with the best game bots or find a bot to help you screen spam group members.

Telegram bots are automated Telegram accounts that you can add to your chats, channels, or groups. Telegram allows users to create bots that can do almost anything, from organizing tasks to checking the weather to playing games to pretty much anything else you can think of.

Although Telegram groups are popular since they can support up to 100,000 members at once, they are not feature-rich. It’s probably why there are hundreds of Telegram bots that extend their basic functionality. Whether you’re looking for how to revive a Telegram group with the best game bots or you’re searching for a bot to help you screen spam group members, you’ll find this article to be super helpful. We’ve sourced some of the best Telegram bots that you can use for different needs in your group.

The Best Telegram Bots for Groups

Gamee (@Gamee)

Gamee is a Telegram bot that allows users to play games by chatting directly with the bot or activating it while chatting to challenge friends. You and your friends can enjoy hours of fun by choosing from dozens of arcade and puzzle games, such as Snake, Gravity Ninja, etc. The fun is in challenging your friends, comparing scores, and staying on top. All the games come with instructions that will guide you on how to play them easily. And you only need to type in @gamee or @gamebot to find a game to play.

VoteBot (@vote)

VoteBot allows you to create public or anonymous polls that can be shared in Telegram groups or channels. This way, members can share their opinions and engage with each other even if they are not in the mood to chat. To create any survey or poll, you only have to interact with the bot via a series of questions, and you can include two or more answer questions for members to choose from. You can use these polls to collect feedback about books, product features, or anything else that resonates with group members. After creating a poll, you can open the conversation by typing @vote and selecting the right poll you want to include.

Werewolf (@werewolfbot)

This is one of the most interesting Telegram bot games that almost any group would enjoy. In this game, group members are villagers who are in a village with wild creatures (werewolves). This means that some group members would play as the villagers while others would play as werewolves who are meant to kill the villagers before it’s game over. So the villagers have to work together to discover the werewolves and lynch them first. After every round, the bot will give time for all the villagers to vote for who is likely to be the werewolf. People can be removed based on majority votes. You can choose to play this game in Chaos Mode in order to include other interesting characters, such as guardian angels, serial killers, etc. 

Shieldy (@shieldy_bot)

Shieldy is a free open-source bot that you can use to stop fake members from joining a group. This bot works like a CAPTCHA for Telegram and asks new users to complete a simple action before they’re allowed to join a group. It mandates users to perform a set of actions within a set timeframe of joining the group and kicks them out if they fail. All you need to do is set the Shieldy bot as an admin and you won’t have to deal with spam members.

Dreamers (@dreamersbot)

Dreamers is one of the simplest games you can play on Telegram. It’s a guessing game where players take turns acting as the Lucid Dreamer. The bot provides a pool of images, then the Lucid Dreamer has to provide a hint that describes any image they select, and the other group members have to act as Dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers are to match the hint given by the Lucid Dreamer with the right answer. Each time a Dreamcatcher correctly guesses the image, they gain points, and the player that wins more rounds becomes the Dreamer winner.

Yandex.Translate (@ytranslatebot)

This bot allows you to chat with people from all over the world without experiencing language barriers. If you are interacting with people from different countries, you can use Yandex.Translate to communicate better. To translate messages into other languages in Yandex.Translate, you only have to set your preferred native and target languages and you’re good to go.

Chat Against Humanity (@chat_against_humanity_bot)

Chat Against Humanity is one of the best fun bots for Telegram group chats. It’s a game that lets you play Cards Against Humanity over Telegram. Players get to complete fill-in-the-blank statements with what they believe is the funniest or the most offensive answer among the words or phrases printed on their cards. A question is generated by the bot for Player A, and the person who is Player A will have to choose the funniest answer out of all submissions. The player who gives the selected answer gains a point, and the one with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

IFTTT (@ifttt)

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a piece of software that allows you to improve workflow by linking different apps together. This means you can sync your preferred apps and devices using conditional applets that automatically trigger set events based on conditional events that more or less act as precursors. For example, when I publish a new article (conditional event), I want it to be recorded inside Notion (automated event). However, If This Then That also offers a bot that gives you interesting integration capabilities in Telegram. Since Telegram is fully integrated with IFTTT, it provides you with access to over 360 services that you can use in chats, groups, and channels. Once you sign up for an IFTTT account, you can start chatting with the bot and connect it with any group or channel.

Arena Game RPG (@arenagametelegrambot)

Arena Game RPG is an interesting multiplayer Telegram bot game that can be played with friends. Before entering into a fight, you can create your preferred characters and even manage their skills and inventory. In a battle, players take turns to choose attack spots to inflict damage. The level of damage you can inflict depends on the skills and inventory of your character. The player that wins the fight gains more skill points that can be used to improve the attack and defense abilities of their character.

Trello (@trello_bot)

Trello is task and project management software, and you can use its Telegram bot to create cards and receive notifications from any Trello board. Once connected, you can add the bot to group chats or individual chats. The Trello bot makes it easy to receive cards in any chat, and you can act on them on the go. You can get notifications about updates, cards, boards, and user replies. And if you ever want to create or find cards, you just need to use the bot username (@trello_bot). However, before using the bot, you need to notify the bot of whichever board you want to connect to.

Quizarium (@quizarium)

Quizarium is one of the funniest Telegram bot games you can find. It asks players a question and gives them one minute to come up with the right answer. While the bot may give hints to help players out, the faster a player gives the right answer, the more points they get. In Quizarium, the points range from 1 to 5, and the player with more points wins the game in the end.


Telegram bots help you accomplish many tasks without having to leave the messaging app. Whether you want to play quiz or arcade games with your friends or you want to create surveys in a Telegram group, there are hundreds of bots that can help you out.

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Are there other interesting Telegram bots we might have missed? Don’t hesitate to talk about them in the comment area below.

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