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FileWhopper Business VS Cloud Storage
Features FileWhopper Business Typical Cloud Storage
(Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)
Payment model Pay-as-you-go: the user purchases a transfer package, which gets reduced with use, without any time limits or subscriptions Subscription: you pay monthly/yearly for file storage and transfers, even if you don't send anything
What is the cost tied to? Size of files sent / GB Storage space / GB
How long is the file stored for after upload? 14 days by default / You can always purchase additional time (up to 90 days) for storing your data During the paid subscription period
Number of downloads for each transfer 1 by default / You can always purchase additional downloads Unlimited
File storage time after download 3 days During the paid subscription period
Maximum transfer size Unlimited 200GB - 250GB
File syncing between computer drive and cloud drive Not implemented Users often have problems with Internet traffic bandwidth, which is spent on constant data synchronization. The more files to sync, the more problems there will be.
Option to pause upload or download, and switch to other tasks that require internet traffic Yes No
Ability to download a file while it is still uploading Yes No
Data access security Zero knowledge encryption

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Often, there is a situation when the user gives access to the entire folder while wanting to share a single file from it

What conclusions can be drawn?

Let's take a look at your case and see how much you can benefit by moving most of your data to a computer drive/external drive and purchasing our transfer package.

Cloud storage is best for those:

  • Who frequently or regularly share the same files that are stored on the cloud drive
  • Who want the data constantly synchronized between the cloud and their computer drives
  • Who prefer to store data on the cloud instead of using a computer drive for it

FileWhopper is best for those:

  • Who only want to pay for the gigabytes they send and save money
  • Who don’t mind storing most of the data on their computer drive or external drive
  • Who mostly send different files and folders
  • Who want to send data to a specific recipient or recipients
  • Who don’t want their data to be constantly synchronized, slowing down their computer
  • Who are concerned that they might lose sensitive data or access to accounts on the cloud server. As one of our users said, “Trusting cloud storage with your data is like trusting your Bitcoins to the FTX exchange.”

In any case, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to use for storing or sending files. The above "Best for..." lists are just our suggestions.

February 1, 2022

Easily Send Large Files with Telegram

Want to send large files in Telegram Messenger? In this article we are going to discuss how to send large video and photo files in the Telegram Messenger app while chatting.

We can do a lot of different things with our smartphones, but one of the most common is chatting with friends. You can make video calls or just text message. Today’s messaging apps can support various features: text messaging, video calling, photo & video sharing. Some of the most popular messaging apps are WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Telegram.

While chatting, you may want to share large video or photo files. Each messenger has its own limits on the size of files to be uploaded. So the main question is how big a file do you want to send using a messenger?

Today we want to talk about Telegram. It has become very popular both among individual users and business owners. Telegram supports file sharing so you can easily send a bunch of photos and videos to your friends.

Telegram supports secure file transfer, so you can share your documents while chatting. Using Telegram, you can securely share large files up to 1.5GB in size for free, which is great because most email providers have limits on attachment size. It is usually about 25MB, and depends on the email provider. But what do you do if you need to send a huge file, like 50GB in size or even larger?

You will need to use one of the free or paid file sharing services. These services differ in features and options, so take your time and choose one that works for your needs. File sharing services help you share any type of files: photo, video, audio, zip files. Keep in mind though that using a file sharing service may require a computer.

If you don’t want to waste your time on choosing the best service, we recommend using FileWhopper.

  • This service doesn’t have any size limits, you can share files as much as 10TB (yes, TEN terabytes) in size.
  • No need to buy a monthly subscription plan, just pay a fee based on file size.
  • Very easy and convenient if you want to send a large file to your friend right now.
  • Send your first file or folder and get a 50% discount for your second transfer of up to 5TB!

How does Telegram support security features?

First, it offers end-to-end encryption. Then there is the option of a 'Secret Chat': all messages in this chat are destroyed when the conversation ends. Keep in mind that Telegram Messenger is an open source project, which means the source code is available to everyone absolutely for free.

You can use Telegram Messenger on your smartphone and your computer: desktop or laptop. Telegram is a very useful app for sharing any type of files, and it makes it easy to share the files you receive from other users. All you need to do is open the file you receive in Telegram and tap the Share button, then choose how you want to share the file: send by email or via another app.

If you are an Android user, you will see the “Share” option in the context menu of your file. It’s very convenient when you need to share large files with friends or co-workers.

If you are an iOS user, you can use the Share menu while viewing any document on your iOS device.

Don’t have Telegram Messenger yet? Download it for Android or iOS.

An even cooler feature in Telegram Messenger is that you can mute notifications and use multisearch. You can temporarily mute all notifications from any contacts or groups. With multisearch, you will get search results from everywhere within your account: contacts, chats or groups.

So, if you are looking for a secure messaging app with file sharing options that you can use on any device, we recommend looking at Telegram.

If you want to share your ideas, leave your comments below or chat with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Was this information useful? Check out other articles with Telegram hints in our blog.

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  • Kelvin

    Very good! I like this! Thank you~

  • tesfaye demisse

    Is it not possible to use pc other than mobile for telegram purpose?

    • Hanna Welch

      Yeah, you can use Telegram Desktop App

  • Turner


  • Maryc

    Can I share large video files up to 2.94MB on telegram with my phone?

    • FileWhopper

      Hi Maryc,

      Yes, Telegram lets you share files up to 1.5GB in size, so a 2.94MB video file is ok. Sending video files or folders bigger than 1.5GB directly via Telegram may be a problem though. We recommend using for sending really big files and folders.

  • Ronald V

    how many minutes is 1.5 GB video to upload in Telegram. thanks in advance for the reply

  • Muluneh

    How can share different files in one folder?
    could you tell me the way?