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FileWhopper version for batch transfers
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FileWhopper Business VS Cloud Storage
Features FileWhopper Business Typical Cloud Storage
(Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.)
Payment model Pay-as-you-go: the user purchases a transfer package, which gets reduced with use, without any time limits or subscriptions Subscription: you pay monthly/yearly for file storage and transfers, even if you don't send anything
What is the cost tied to? Size of files sent / GB Storage space / GB
How long is the file stored for after upload? 14 days by default / You can always purchase additional time (up to 90 days) for storing your data During the paid subscription period
Number of downloads for each transfer 1 by default / You can always purchase additional downloads Unlimited
File storage time after download 3 days During the paid subscription period
Maximum transfer size Unlimited 200GB - 250GB
File syncing between computer drive and cloud drive Not implemented Users often have problems with Internet traffic bandwidth, which is spent on constant data synchronization. The more files to sync, the more problems there will be.
Option to pause upload or download, and switch to other tasks that require internet traffic Yes No
Ability to download a file while it is still uploading Yes No
Data access security Zero knowledge encryption

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Often, there is a situation when the user gives access to the entire folder while wanting to share a single file from it

What conclusions can be drawn?

Let's take a look at your case and see how much you can benefit by moving most of your data to a computer drive/external drive and purchasing our transfer package.

Cloud storage is best for those:

  • Who frequently or regularly share the same files that are stored on the cloud drive
  • Who want the data constantly synchronized between the cloud and their computer drives
  • Who prefer to store data on the cloud instead of using a computer drive for it

FileWhopper is best for those:

  • Who only want to pay for the gigabytes they send and save money
  • Who don’t mind storing most of the data on their computer drive or external drive
  • Who mostly send different files and folders
  • Who want to send data to a specific recipient or recipients
  • Who don’t want their data to be constantly synchronized, slowing down their computer
  • Who are concerned that they might lose sensitive data or access to accounts on the cloud server. As one of our users said, “Trusting cloud storage with your data is like trusting your Bitcoins to the FTX exchange.”

In any case, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to use for storing or sending files. The above "Best for..." lists are just our suggestions.

How to Create and Send a Big Video File

If you are thinking about upgrading your video editing skills, you are in the right place! Our tips will help you become a great video editor and show you an easy way to send large video files.

We have to warn you that it isn’t an easy process, but with practice and patience you’ll be almost a pro very soon. Here are a few of the most important techniques for professional video editing

1. Video Editing Software

Tips for professional video editing will help you create and send large video files: choose the right video editing software

When choosing the right editing software, you might want to get one above the rest. Let’s go through the most popular professional video editing software:

Premiere Pro

Premiere has become the most popular video editing software among professional video editors. It is a fantastic program for different types of projects, and it’s updated often. Premiere can handle almost any video editing job. To use Premiere Pro, you must subscribe to the Creative Cloud, which starts at $9.99 a month.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro isn’t a cheap editing software, it’s price is $299.99. Note that this video editing software is for Mac only. Final Cut Pro has many helpful features, so if you own a Mac, this could be a great choice for you.

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer’s price is $34.97+ a month. It is the most popular video editing software for long films. Avid can save a ton of time because it is designed to work with keyboard shortcuts.

DaVinci Resolve

You can download DaVinci Resolve 15 for free. It is another great option for simplifying the video editing process. The free version has almost every great feature from the paid version.

There are many more professional video editing software options available out there. Programs like Lightworks, Autodesk Smoke, and Sony Vegas are all popular alternatives.

2. The Right Computer for Video Editing

Tips for professional video editing will help you create and send large video files: work on the right computer

It is not a secret that a faster computer will allow you to focus more on your video  editing. Of course, what computer is the best depends only on your own preferences. We want to share some important tips for picking the right computer.

Get an SSD

A fast storage drive is very important for video editing. You will be able to access, render, load, and export your footage much faster. But unfortunately, an SSD is not cheap, about double the price of a traditional hard drive.

Increase RAM

If you want faster editing speeds, try adding memory (RAM). You should have at least 4GB of RAM. It could be hard to find a professional editor requiring less than 8GB of RAM.

Better Video Cards

For editing it is very important to have a good video card. Most video editing applications have recommended graphics cards, so before choosing one, check out the recommended card specs.

Fast Processor

A good processor will help to render faster. Note that if you have a fast processor, but your storage drive, RAM, or video card are not quite good, your computer will probably still work slow.

3. Special Keyboard for Video Editing

A professional video editor knows how to use keyboard shortcuts. If you are a beginner in this field and want to learn how to use these keyboard shortcuts, good advice is to simply print out a cheat sheet for your editing needs. Another good option is to get a special editing keyboard. It is like a regular keyboard, but it also contains keyboard shortcut icons.

Tips for professional video editing will help you create and send large video files: special keyboard

An editing keyboard is very good for learning all the keyboard shortcuts, but if you don’t want to buy a special keyboard, you can find a keyboard cover with the shortcut icons printed on it and just slip it over your keyboard. By the way, it’s very cheap to just replace a keyboard cover instead of the entire keyboard. Just make sure the keyboard cover you choose fits over your keyboard buttons.

4. How to Send Large Video Files

Tips for professional video editing will help you create and send large video files: file transfer

Sharing your project is a very important step, so it’s smart to find out ahead of time what is the best way to send large files. When you are exporting a video for the web, you probably choose the highest quality and the resulting file size could be huge. If you need to transfer big files, try FileWhopper. This service specializes in secure file transfer.

5. Faster Way to Edit Videos

Tips for professional video editing will help you create and send large video files: faster way to edit videos

We would also like to share some tips to help make the process of video editing go faster for you. Of course, there are a lot of things you can do to ensure a faster video editing job, but let’s go through the most important of them.

Organizing your footage

We know that it takes some time to organize all projects and files well, but the process of organizing can help you save a couple hours. Try to create a simple structure for your content. The most popular way is to use the following structure:

  • Footage
  • Files
  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Images

But you can choose any type of structure that works best for you. Organizing your footage is all about keeping resources in one place that’s convenient for you.

Allocate Your RAM

If you have 32GB of RAM it doesn’t mean that all of it is being used. Want to allocate more RAM for your video editing process? Go to your system preferences and choose what works best for you.

Get a Gaming Mouse

Using a gaming mouse is very popular among professional video editors. It has programmable buttons and it can help with performing basic video editing tasks (for example, saving or undoing).

Close All Programs

Try to close all of your other applications and programs while working on your project. It allows your computer to allocate maximum resources to your video editing app, which can significantly speed up the process.

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