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How to Attach and Send Large Files in Outlook

In Outlook, you can easily send any type of files, but this email service has limits on the file size that you can attach to a message. Moreover, there are other limits like on the number of emails you can send in one day and the number of recipients you can add. Today we would like to discuss how to attach any type of file to your email in Outlook and what to do if you don’t know how to send large files via email.

Limits in Outlook

With Outlook you can send different types of files by attaching them to a message. Learn the limits on attachment size.

First, you should know how size limit per email is calculated. It consists of the file attachments and the message itself (the body).

You can add about 200 attachments at 50 MB each to one Outlook email message. So the total size limit is approximately 10 GB.

There are other limits in Outlook. You can send only up to 300 emails in one day and the maximum number of recipients per message is 100.

How to Attach any File to Your Email in Outlook

With Outlook you can send different types of files by attaching them to a message. Learn how to add attachments.

To attach any document or file to your email, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a new message.
  2. The Insert tab should be active. If it isn’t, you need to click at the top of the application window. Alternatively, press Alt + N and you will see the Insert pane.
  3. Click on Attach File and choose the file you want to attach. Just pick the file from the list that appears or browse your PC to find the document. You can attach more than one file at once: press Ctrl and click on all files that you want to attach to highlight them.
  4. Click Open or Insert.

Note: The easiest way to attach a file is to use the drag and drop option.

If your file is stored not on your computer but on a file sharing service, it is still not a problem to send it via Outlook. Be prepared that Outlook will insert a file download link in your message, so it won’t be a real file attachment.

Follow the steps to attach a file from a file sharing service:

  1. Choose Browse Web Locations and find the service you need.
  2. Highlight the files for sharing and click Insert. As simple as that!

How to Send Large Files via Outlook Email

With Outlook you can send different type of files by attaching them to a message. Learn how to send large files via Outlook email.

You need to use a file sharing service if Outlook says that your file exceeds the limit.

For sending large files such as photos or videos via Outlook, you can first upload all of those large files to FileWhopper. It is the best way to send large files with Outlook. This way you can be sure that the recipient will not be restricted by their email service size limits if their email provider doesn't accept really large files as incoming email attachments. FileWhopper will also ensure secure large file transfer and let you send any large file of any size.

You can also use different cloud services like Box, Dropbox or others, to send large files. When you need to attach the files to your email message, just choose the cloud service where your file is stored. Find more interesting file transfer service options in this article: Best Way to Send Large Files from PC to PC.

Another good option for attaching files to email is creating a compressed ZIP file. Check out this article for help: 5 Best Compression Tools to Prepare for Easy File Transfer.

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